Michelle Hunziker, on Instagram photos with Aurora "We wanted you so much"

Michelle Hunziker, on Instagram photos with Aurora "We wanted you so much"

The presenter shared two old shots in which she is seen very young with the first born baby

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Two beautiful black and white shots, two special images that Michelle Hunziker posted on her profile on Instagram.

The presenter shared a memory from many years ago in which she is seen very young holding her first child Aurora Ramazzotti in her arms as a child: two very sweet shots, full of love and exciting.

In the first photo the presenter has been immortalized while observing her child, in the second one the two have faces close and are beautiful. Accompanying the two images are the tender words of the showgirl: “A little girl with her little girl in her arms… yet I felt so mother, so mature and adult… so ready… we wanted you so much and you are our angel. Always remember that ”.

Aurora was born on December 5, 1996 from the love story between Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti (which ended in 2002), the presenter was almost twenty years old at the time of the birth of her first daughter.

And it was beautiful as shown by these shots that he wanted to share with his many fans. Among the numerous likes and comments there are those of Aurora Ramazzotti who wanted to joke about one of the expressions she wore in the photos, which are then those typical of a newborn: "In the first photo I was thinking that tomorrow is Monday", he wrote then add in another comment “Anyway I love you”.

Michelle Hunziker's Instagram wall is a concentrate of irony, important thoughts, work and affections: with her numerous followers, the presenter shares both career-related images and photos relating to her private life with shots of her three daughters, her husband Tomaso Trussardi , his little dogs or his mother. And among the latest posts there is one dedicated to mother Ineke who shows them close together with smiling faces, accompanied by profound words.

This time, however, Michelle shared two beautiful pictures with her eldest daughter, who is now a beautiful and talented woman. A few days ago Aurora made her debut as a correspondent to Le Iene and to announce it she wanted to give a small preview of this television adventure by posting on Instagram a short video in which she is seen wearing the typical television clothes with a lot of black suit, tie and shirt.

michelle hunziker instagram

Michelle Hunziker, one of the photos on Instagram with Aurora

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