Michelle Hunziker, on Instagram reveals All Together Now and gives herself to meditation

Michelle Hunziker, lo scherzo su Instagram all’amica è uno spasso

The anticipation for "All Together Now" is growing. Michelle Hunziker reveals the details with a post and on Instagram she combines all of them with her videos

Michelle Hunziker is preparing to return to conduct All Together Now and with a post on Instagram reveals the protagonists and what will happen in the new edition. And meanwhile, he continues to entertain fans with hilarious social videos like the one in which he engages in meditation

The beautiful Michelle therefore shares on her Instagram profile a photo that portrays her with the protagonists of All Together Now. With her are Francesco Renga, who recently expressed all his affection for the blonde presenter, Rita Pavone (read our interview), Anna Tatangelo, whom we saw a few weeks ago at Name That Tune, and J-Ax.

Hunziker writes: "Put together the 4 voices and the 4 talents of these gentlemen behind me, think of them sitting to counter or confirm the wall of the 100 musical experts of ALL TOGETHER NOW🔥". And he continues: “They will sing, they will get excited, they will fight passionately to support their choices. Competitors will grow from episode to episode thanks to a meticulous work on self-esteem! 😂 ".

He then concludes by giving the appointment for November 4: "There are a few days left until the first episode on channel 5 of our MUSICAL GAME SHOW! On November 4th after Striscia we are there to make you sing like crazy!
In this period, especially, the music and stories of our competitors will give us some comfort. 💪🏻💪🏻🔥🔥 ".

The expectation grows more and more and fans reply: "Excellent choice, you have found an EXPLOSIVE mix! All deserving, different and competent and then… .. HER, RITA PAVONE, IMMENSE artist “. And again: "Beautiful program, beautiful all of them close, close, to take the picture". "What a super cast🥳🥳 I can't wait", "I didn't see the hour, the most beautiful program, music, laughter", "Fantastic😍 Good luck waiting for you💪😘".

Waiting to see her on TV, Michelle Hunziker entertains her fans with hilarious videos on Instagram. After the quick changes of look with a failed outcome, the Swiss presenter engages in the meditation that should make her levitate. But in the end it all comes down to a mess and the trick is immediately revealed… The clip is a blast and Cristina Parodi writes to her: “You are a genius”.

Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker and the All Together Now crew – Source: Instagram

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