Michelle Hunziker on Instagram struggling with the nightmare of the DAD

Michelle Hunziker su Instagram alle prese con l’incubo della DAD

We have been going on like this for a year ", Michelle Hunziker's ironic video on DAD goes crazy and collects the solidarity of all mothers

Michelle Hunziker on Instagram tells with irony that she is characterized by the whirlwind day of a mother who works and has to look after her children engaged in distance learning.

In a hilarious video that she shared on her Instagram profile, Michelle Hunziker photographs what happens in the Trussardi house when Sole and Celeste are home from school and forced to lecture in front of a computer, in DAD. A real nightmare experienced by many parents who, one year after the outbreak of the pandemic, find themselves again with almost all of Italy in the red zone to navigate between smart working, child management, online lessons and the related myriads of password.

The video opens with Michelle saying: "We've been going on like this for a year" and the curtain rises on Mother Hunziker's day on the phone with her daughters' teacher. Both engaged in distance learning, they call Michelle all the time to ask her for help and she runs like crazy from room to room to follow them. There is very little time to work and when she tries to allow herself 5 minutes to eat an apple she is immediately called to order. It is a continuous obstacle jump that pushes poor Michelle to the brink of a nervous breakdown, until at the end of the day she just has to crawl on the floor followed by her dogs.

The presenter writes on Instagram to comment: “Distance Learning. March 2021 … a glimpse of daily reality in our homes for a year now. 🤔 ". And Ambra Angiolini replies: “If I come to your house then I'll run as fast as you ??? 😂 @therealhunzigram”, Anna Tantangelo also sends many amused smileys, sharing the same “tragedies” as Michelle as a mother.

But not only the VIPs, there are many mothers who, like Hunziker, experience the difficulties of this pandemic year in managing distance learning. There are those who write: "Well think if you add to all this a 4-month-old baby who always and only wants you 😢😢😢 I'm thinking of going to a psychotherapist". “😂ridiamo not to cry 😢 poor mothers”. "To dad is hell and they do nothing to help families especially after all those hours in front of the computer a lot of homework and if they do something wrong the teachers become beasts". "Great reality … they then forgot that not everyone has more computers or tablets at home … just as not everyone has their own space".

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