Michelle Hunziker, on Instagram wishes Celeste for her 6 years

The presenter wrote very sweet words for her daughter on her birthday

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Sweet words accompanied by two shots to celebrate the six years of her third child: Michelle Hunziker has entrusted to Instagram the best wishes for Celeste, her third daughter, the second she had with her husband Tomaso Trussardi. The little girl was born on March 8, 2015 and, on the occasion of her birthday, mum Michelle told her many followers some aspects of the girl's character, but she also wanted to share the commitment of all the parents in this historical period. marked by the pandemic to make their children live peaceful days.

In the first shot shared by Michelle Hunziker you can see the little hands forming a heart, in the background the blue sky and the sun, this image was accompanied by a long post of reflections: "These are the little hands of our little super Cece which is already 6 years old – wrote Michelle -…. it's her second birthday during the lockdown and I'm inventing anything like all parents to make her live unforgettable moments at home with the people who love her so much !!! However she takes it with great philosophy…. Celeste is just a little girl with the stuff of the "pugnacious". Born on the day of the party of us Women with a face and a grit never seen !!! She will certainly carry on the work that her mother started many years ago in the world of defending women, their rights and helping them to believe in themselves !!! My wonderful love, strong and determined … I love you so much! Best wishes".

Very deep and touching words with which Michelle wanted to tell some aspect of the character of her daughter Celeste and what her future path could be.

A beautiful shot of mom and daughter, however, for the second post shared on Instagram: Michelle and Celeste appear smiling and happy while taking a selfie, the presenter again wanted to write a few words to celebrate her daughter's birthday: "But you see that guy? Super Ceceeee !!!! Happy Mother's little angel I love you !!!!!!! ".

Michelle Hunziker is very active on her Instagram profile where she also publishes many family shots: from the most recent ones to images taken "from the album of memories" and shared with the many followers who follow her, from which emerges a spontaneous mother, in love with their daughters and a nice and beautiful woman tied to her affections.

Michelle Hunziker, the post on Instagram

Michelle Hunziker, the post on Instagram

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