Michelle Hunziker shares on Instagram: photos with and without makeup

Michelle Hunziker shares on Instagram: photos with and without makeup

After the Botteri case, Michelle Hunziker unleashes a new debate with her photos with and without makeup. And surprisingly, the natural version wins.

Michelle Hunziker with or without makeup on Instagram

Michelle Hunziker shows up on her Instagram profile in order and naturally. And immediately a debate among fans begins to determine which version is better.

But let's proceed in order. The beautiful Michelle shared on Instagram a series of photo-comparisons where she shows herself from a fully made-up and combed part, with red lipstick, fake eyelashes, curls in her hair and breathtaking neckline, ready to go on TV. On the other hand, he wears a yellow t-shirt, has ruffled and unkempt hair and non-existent make-up.

Hunziker asks: "In order and" set "for the broadcast or" ruffled "mood from home? 😂❤️❤️❤️ big kiss ”. The survey is a success. In a short time the images gather thousands of "hearts" and the comments are not wasted.

There are those who definitely prefer the home version: "Mood" unkempt "without a doubt". "Better without makeup 😘". "Ruffled and with the yellow shirt 🔝🔝beautiful magli". And those who are undecided because they find it splendid in both ways: "The only one in the world that is beautiful in both moods …". "For me you are always beautiful …". But nobody openly favors the "laid out" version. But everyone agrees that Hunziker is breathtaking.

In short, the beautiful Michelle could easily give up makeup and wigs on TV, fans would appreciate her anyway. A ransom for the storm unleashed by the famous report on Botteri, proving that the public prefers normal women and soap and water.

While on Instagram she unleashes a new debate, Michelle is excited to greet the two acquired children. That is Sara Daniele, daughter of Pino Daniele, and Goffredo Cerzi, respectively best friend and boyfriend of his daughter Aurora Ramazzotti, who spent the quarantine in the Trussardi house.

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