Michelle Hunziker shows behind the scenes of her Instagram profile and amazes

Michelle Hunziker mostra il dietro le quinte del suo profilo Instagram e stupisce

Hunziker jokes on Instagram with her social media manager and reveals her "tricks"

Michelle Hunziker loves to joke and have fun on social media; this time we see her struggling with ping-pong balls and the social media manager Luca Oldani.

The Swiss showgirl posted a video on Instagram in which she throws ping pong balls into a cocktail glass: "Guys, look at that skill!" jokes Michelle who seems to have impeccable aim. In reality, as the showgirl reveals, a trick is often hidden behind the posts published by celebrities. In the video, in fact, Luca Oldani, his social media manager, appears sitting at the table, inserting the ping pong balls into the glass. Hunziker is by no means a good "shooter"; it is Oldani's invisible hand that has helped her, with cunning, to appear skilled in her game.

With this hilarious post, Hunziker wanted to show the "background" of her videos on social media:

And now I'll show you the poor life of social media managers … and above all what lies behind the super videos you find on social media!

The host of All together Now, a singing show led by J-Ax, has established a relationship of friendship and transparency with her followers with whom she often confides openly and is ready to reveal to them all the "tricks of the trade". Hunziker's message is clear: celebrities often appear perfect on social media, however, as in the case of Michelle, behind every post published there is (almost always) the work of a good social media manager!

Beautiful Michelle is loved not only because she is a beautiful and successful woman, but above all because she is always sunny and bubbly and very loyal to her audience. Hunziker never hides her true face from fans, on the contrary she enjoys revealing all aspects of her life on her Instagram profile, showing new hairstyles, the progress of her physical training, moments of hilarity and jokes with friends or with her husband Tomaso Trussardi.

Aurora Ramazzotti also seems to follow in her mother's footsteps in terms of social media, posting photos that portray her in all her beauty and sympathy. Hunziker is much loved by the public because she expresses joy and positivity, thanks to the contagious cheerfulness of her family, the special relationship with her daughters Aurora, Sole and Celeste and the wonderful love story with Tomaso Trussardi.

Who knows what surprise the beloved Michelle will have in store for all her followers.

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