Michelle Hunziker talks about her turbulent past: "I was terrible"

"I had a tough adolescence": Michelle Hunziker talks about her difficult past and how her daughter Aurora Ramazzotti changed her

Michelle Hunziker returns with All Together Now and does not hesitate to tell about her turbulent past, which has changed thanks to the arrival of her first daughter, Aurora Ramazzotti, who recently returned to live with her together with her boyfriend Goffredo Cerza (see the video above).

In a long interview with Corriere della Sera, the beautiful Michelle tells of her transgressive adolescence: "I had a bit of a tough adolescence, I was a terrible daughter with my mother". The presenter explains that she experienced the divorce of her parents and her father's alcohol problems very badly: "I lived very badly when my parents were separated from my dad who had a problem with alcohol".

For this reason, she reacted by rebelling: “But smartly because I did very well in school, but I bypassed all the rules and restrictions in a masterly way without ever getting caught. I did the stupid things you do at that age, overdoing alcohol, hitchhiking at night from Bern to Zurich to go to the disco, I have risked it several times ".

Michelle Hunziker acknowledges that she is a difficult daughter: “I was a difficult daughter because I was extremely angry with everyone. Then you grow up and understand things ”. The real turning point came with Aurora: “Then I became a mother early, at 19, and there all the transgressions ended”.

Under the smiling and cheerful image, Hunziker does not deny that there have been pains and difficulties, as when she ended up in a sect: "One always has a positive and cheerful image of me, but this does not mean that he has not lived aches or had no trouble to solve. My turbulent past, all my frailties have also made me end up in a sect. I have lived through many unpleasant situations “.

The choice to always appear cheerful is very precise and is part of her professional career: “I am someone who loves life. I have also always been convinced that all of us as public figures have a great responsibility, the responsibility to communicate certain things; we have a large following, so we don't have to convey the wrong messages. Why do I have to attach my backpacks of melancholy, sadness, nostalgia to people, who have already had enough of problems? ".

Michelle Hunziker thus reveals what her mission is, as a public figure: “My task is to be able to make spectators smile and relieve their burdens. This is entertainment for me. I'm like that on my social networks too, there is never, ever, a complaint ".

Speaking of social media, Michelle Hunziker defends her daughter Aurora Ramazzotti, much more often than she, the object of insults by the haters: “I happened to end up in the midst of shitstorms and I never get used to it. It's terrible, especially when they attack my family and say the worst things to Aurora. It is necessary to ignore them, but sometimes also to replicate, without suffering ".

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