Michelle Hunziker, the confession on Tomaso Trussardi: "It hard to enter his family"

Michelle Hunziker, confession on sexual blackmail suffered to which she said no

Michelle Hunziker recounts for the first time the relationship with the Trussardi family and the difficulties encountered in joining her husband's "clan"

Michelle Hunziker is preparing to debut on TV with the swimming talent All Together Now, in the meantime she reveals some details on the relationship with Tomaso Trussardi and his family. The two got married in 2014 and have two daughters, Celeste and Sole. The presenter could not be happier, but initially settling in the Trussardi clan was not very simple.

In an interview with the weekly Chi, Michelle Hunziker revealed for the first time the secrets of her first meeting with the family of what was her future husband at the time. "What was it like joining the Trussardi family? – revealed -. At the beginning it was hard for them and for me. We are talking about a historic, discreet, very chic family ”.

“I felt like a fish out of water – confessed the presenter -: I have good stylists and at forty years I also know a bit about dressing, but I am also a little truzza, quite a little truzza, and who knows me knows that if you don't control me I will go around with the camperos ". During the chat, the Swiss showgirl also recalled the embarrassment felt during the first Christmas with the Trussards: "I didn't even know where to put myself – he said -, I don't have that legacy there. And then I also carried all the gossip with me ”.

To make the approach to the Trussardi family even more difficult, the gossip and gossip about Michelle Hunziker. As is well known, in fact, the showgirl and the entrepreneur had started dating in secret, aware that their relationship would have attracted the attention of the press. It was in fact the first love story of the Swiss presenter after the divorce from Eros Ramazzotti.

"Tomaso is the only man who, when we got out of the closet, lived it very well – he explained -. He never pissed off, always kind, respectful, with the photographers he built a relationship of mutual respect ".

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