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Michelle Hunziker experienced a special day, during which two birthdays and an anniversary were celebrated

Michelle Hunziker, sports mom: goes to get Sun at school

A special day to celebrate and spend with the family: great emotions on 10 October for Michelle Hunziker, for her this date has a particular meaning because it contains three important events.

A moment to dedicate to loved ones to celebrate the birthday of daughter Sole who blew out seven candles, that of her mother and grandmother Ineke and six years of love with her husband Tomaso Trussardi. The two, in fact, got married on 10 October 2014. The perfect opportunity for a shot all together, which was then posted on Instagram, accompanied by the words "family" accompanied by a heart.

In the image, very spontaneous and from which the warmth and affection shines through, you can see the daughter Aurora Ramazzotti with her partner Goffredo Cerza, her mother Ineke, Tomaso Trussardi, the daughters Sole and Celeste and the dogs of the family.

But the day of celebration was not limited to this, in fact Michelle also dedicated a post on Instagram to a series of photos and videos to celebrate the three special events of the day.

Shots of the Sun as a child, a very sweet video that sees them together, Sole with her grandmother and then a black and white photo of the showgirl and her husband, portrayed on their wedding day. Michelle described her emotions as follows: “On this special day, the number 7 is evident for us! Sole turns 7, my Mom 77 and I was born in '77 … today is also my wedding anniversary! Do I have to play them? When there are my daughters' birthdays, I always get very nostalgic and I go to see all their photos the night before since they were born. I do it with each of them … the photos increase, as well as the wonderful experiences and memories they bring to me. I love to savor every single moment of their present and I get excited thinking about their future … every now and then I get some anticipated tears if I think about their weddings or my grandchildren one day … just think how I look! Best wishes Mom, best wishes Tom I love you so much! ”.

A very sweet dedication, as excited as the photos he has chosen to share with his followers are excited.

After all, that Michelle is deeply linked to her family is not a mystery and the showgirl does not fail to show it to all her fans too.

Instagram Michelle Hunziker

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