Michelle Hunziker, the relationship with Aurora's boyfriend: "Part of the family"

Michelle Hunziker, the relationship with Aurora's boyfriend: "Part of the family"

Michelle Hunziker posted on Instagram an image of Aurora with her boyfriend, accompanied by words of great affection and happiness

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Words of affection and esteem are those that Michelle Hunziker used to sing the praises of Goffredo Cerza, the boyfriend of her daughter Aurora Ramazzotti.

A beautiful relationship full of complicity that binds the showgirl to her daughter and also to her boyfriend, as Michelle herself wanted to reiterate in a post on Instagram where she published a beautiful image that portrays Aurora smiling, while receiving a kiss on the cheek. by Goffedro Cerza. The two have been together for several years and theirs is a deep, solid and lasting relationship.

To accompany the image published by Michelle a dedication full of affection for both the eldest daughter and her partner: "Today this photo appeared on my phone … I will call it" the joy of the heart "to see my daughter so happy, made in the feelings and next to such a polite, intelligent and extremely good boy like Goffredo… what could be more beautiful for a mother? – wrote Michelle Hunziker – Goffredo for me is part of the family and I love him so much. They are stupeeeendiiiiiiii !!!! ".

Profound words that are added to the statements that Michelle had also made in the past about Goffredo: "Thanks to the lockdown all together at my home in Bergamo I got to know Aurora's boyfriend better: he is a wonderful boy", he had told last year summer in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

And mom Michelle's post, for Aurora and her partner, got a lot of likes and comments, including those of those directly concerned. The eldest daughter wrote: “Awwwwww what cuteeeee, we love you too much mamiiii” ”, while Goffredo added:“ You have unlocked a beautiful memory for me. One of our first trips together. (Bali) TVB ".

Also in the past Michelle had dedicated a post to the couple, reiterating her happiness in seeing them together so happy and accomplices.

Words of deep affection, which show a happy and united family. After all, Michelle Hunziker is not new to special dedications and often shares her thoughts on social media: her Instagram wall is a concentrate of irony, reflections and words full of love for her family, always accompanied by beautiful shots.

Michelle Hunziker's post on Instagram

Michelle Hunziker's post on Instagram

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