Michelle Hunziker, the sweet dedication for Tomaso Trussardi's birthday

Michelle Hunziker, the sweet dedication for Tomaso Trussardi's birthday

Michelle also celebrated her husband Tomaso Trussardi's birthday on social media, who turns 38.

It is a special day at the Trussardi-Hunziker house: Tomaso turns 38. Michelle's husband received a sweet dedication through social media (and a mouth-watering cake).

Born in 1983, Tomaso Trussardi celebrated his birthday immortalized by his wife Michelle, who shared a special video on her official Instagram profile to congratulate her husband, overlooking a beautiful terrace overlooking Bergamo.

First a red rose, followed by some affectionate compliments and the classic ritual song to wish happy birthday. Finally, a sweet kiss between the two: Tomaso and Michelle have been a couple since 2011 and married in 2014. Together they are parents of Sole (born in 2013) and Celeste (born in 2015), two beautiful girls who together with Aurora Ramazzotti make up the Michelle Hunziker's “magical trio” of daughters.

To make the fans smile and Hunziker herself (who ironically pointed out how Tomaso is "approaching" his age, she was born in 1977) was the words of thanks pronounced by Tomaso during the video, which explains:

After all, getting old is the only way not to die, isn't it?

The celebratory videos end with a delicious surprise: a cake to celebrate the birthday of the birthday boy as usual, among the affections of the family. As we learn from the presenter's most recent social posts, after Easter just passed together, the moments of joy and sharing do not stop and continue with Tomaso's birthday.

In the meantime, Michelle Hunziker's work commitments are proceeding in full sail: she has recently returned behind the counter of Striscia La Notizia together with Gerry Scotti and continues her commitment both with the non-profit organization Double Defense and with Goovi, the cosmetics and food supplement brand of which she is co-founder and proud ambassador also on social networks.

Healthy carrier of always positive and sunny messages, Michelle often uses her online presence to communicate news about her work, but often also talks about her values: professional commitments certainly keep her busy but the beautiful host always finds the time to devote to his family and his loves, as in this case for the birthday of his sweetheart.

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