Michelle Hunziker, Tomaso Trussardi breaks the silence after the separation

Michelle Tomaso

The entrepreneur took advantage of the presenter’s birthday to send a clear message of serenity and relaxation

It was a subdued birthday for Michelle Hunziker. Fresh from the announcement of the separation with Tomaso Trussardi, the presenter preferred to spend the day at work, between the gym and dance rehearsals, but did not give up enjoying the affection of fans and friends who showered her with good wishes, all promptly shared on social networks.

“All this love is moving me”, wrote Michelle in one of the stories that portray her with shining eyes, followed by the screen with the message of her daughter Aurora Ramazzotti and many other people close to her, including Serena Autieri, with whom he spent the Christmas holidays, in what was one of the most difficult times of his life.

Michelle Hunziker, the first words of Tomaso Trussardi after the separation

Tomaso Trussardi is also among those who have publicly paid tribute to the presenter. The now ex-husband broke the silence and spoke for the first time after the announcement of the separation that so displeased the couple’s fans. The entrepreneur did not give interviews, but he used the Instagram profile of Odin, the dog that the ex couple had taken together, to wish Michelle good wishes: “Happy birthday to an extraordinary woman”, reads the story shared on Instagram seeing her and the greyhound in a spa.

Few words, but with an important meaning. Few would be able to put aside their pride and send a message of relaxation like this a few days after the announcement of the end of their marriage.

Michelle and Tomaso were an extraordinary couple and continue to be so even when separated, as an example of civility, love and respect for their daughters and for what they have been together.

Michelle Hunziker, after the separation only friends and work

When personal life takes a certain direction, it’s easy to focus on work. So is Michelle Hunziker, who in recent weeks has dived headlong into rehearsals for her one woman show, the one she has always dreamed of, and on her entrepreneurial adventure with Goovi.

Soon the news will return behind the counter of Striscia alongside Gerry Scotti, her great friend who we are sure will be able to give her back a smile. There are many moments that the two have shared together since Michelle’s inception at Paperissima and have never hidden the beautiful bond that has been created. They were together even when Covid made its appearance in Italy in the first few months and the whole country went into lockdown. Now it will be up to friends, day after day, to make Michelle feel all the love she needs, even if at 45 she is more beautiful and stronger than ever, despite her frailties and her difficult moments.

Because basically there is one thing that characterizes her and that she has always taught everyone: knowing how to laugh at every opportunity, even when things don’t go as you would like. And Michelle’s smile is contagious, we know it well.

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