Michelle Obama without makeup defies time: 57 years of authentic beauty

Michelle Obama without makeup defies time: 57 years of authentic beauty

The former First lady showed herself in a photo the natural one on Instagram in all its beauty

Michelle Obama: 57 years of the former First Lady, between iconic looks and new commitments

If there is a woman who over the years has been able to be a source of inspiration, it is Michelle Obama. Former First Lady, woman of culture, person capable of sending important messages and of doing so without ever giving up grace and elegance.

Michelle Obama was born on January 17, 1964 and turned 57, a life during which she worked hard, held central roles, promoted messages of inclusiveness, equality, health and influenced others, stimulated reflection and promoted the self acceptance. She has been alongside Barack Obama in his two terms as President and has always shown herself as a woman in whom others could identify and at the same time in whom they could find inspiration. It is the same today, indeed perhaps it is even more so. Thanks to her book Becoming, in which she told herself, the documentary of the same name on Netflix and her podcast on Spotify.

And a message of authentic beauty is what she wanted to launch with her latest post on Instagram in which she showed herself in a black and white photo, without makeup, to say thank you. The image that sends us back is that of a woman who is not afraid of the passage of time. A selfie, unruly hair, a genuine gaze aimed at the camera. All accompanied by words of gratitude, but not only that, because Michelle Obama wanted to draw attention to the difficulties of the moment that the world is experiencing: "Thanks to everyone for the adorable birthday wishes! – he wrote – I know that last year was difficult for all of us on so many levels, so I just hope you are taking care of yourself and finding joy in the smallest moments. I love you all". Words of comfort that want to focus the spotlight on the importance of small things. Michelle Obama has accustomed us to the power of her thought and also on the occasion of her birthday she wanted to send a message of closeness. Her husband Barack Obama also dedicated a very sweet post to her on the occasion of her birthday. Another photo without makeup, which shows Michelle's genuine beauty accompanied by words of deep love: "Happy birthday to my love, my partner and my best friend. Every moment with you is a blessing. I love you, Miche ”.

Michelle Obama on Instagram

Michelle Obama on Instagram

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