Micol Olivieri: "I risked dying to give birth to my daughter"

Micol Olivieri: "I risked dying to give birth to my daughter"

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Micol Olivieri, Alice from I Cesaroni, became a mother when she was only 21 years old from Arya on October 9th. Twenty days after the birth, the young actress told Diva and Donna about the tragic moments she experienced before giving birth to her baby.

"I risked dying to give birth to my daughter." The pains arrived two weeks early, Micol runs to the emergency room and then the great fear. The doctors who visit her realize that she has a heart problem to the point of not being able to bear the natural birth. Thus, your gynecologist advises you to plan a cesarean section to avoid any type of risk. "I got scared, but for me at that moment the important thing was to be able to hug my daughter."

Although the pregnancy was perfect, the birth was very difficult. After the operation she suffered a lot: "I was in severe pain, even in my back, and to make matters worse, I got the flu. When I got home from the hospital, for two or three days I was unable to stand ".

Fortunately, the worst is over now. Even if the new mom continues to take Cardioaspirin. The baby grows up well and Christian Massella, Micol's husband, is an excellent dad.

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