Microprotein diet: you lose 3 pounds in two weeks

With the diet of microproteins you lose 3 kg in just 2 weeks without losing your smile and getting your fill of energy

The microprotein diet allows you to lose up to 3 kg in just two weeks.

It is a slimming regime that uses the power of lean proteins, focusing on low-calorie and easy-to-digest foods. Proteins are essential for the well-being of our body. They are in fact composed of amino acids, some of which are important for health and can be taken exclusively through nutrition.

What are microproteins? These are simple proteins that contain less amino acids and are mainly composed of taurine, glutamine and betalanine. They are found in particular in the ham and cooked ham, in the bresaola, in the yogurt, in the meat of chicken and in that of turkey. Thanks to their very simple structure they are easy to assimilate and do not tire the body.

The micro-protein diet should be followed for about a month (not more) guaranteeing the loss of 5-6 kg. How does it work? Every day we must consume foods based on microproteins, which are accompanied by vegetables and fruit. This low-calorie regime also includes more complex protein sources, such as veal, beef, fish and legumes. Foods with a higher calorie content, such as cheese and eggs, are limited to two days a week.

This diet is low carb, which means that carbohydrates are reduced or totally eliminated. This is to allow the body to burn fat from storage, resulting in weight loss. Don't forget to drink at least two liters of water a day and consume a draining and deflated belly tea before going to sleep.

The day begins with a cup of green tea, followed by a plain yogurt and cereal. In the middle of the morning, eat a red apple, while at lunch bring the grilled chicken breast seasoned with aromatic herbs to the table, accompanied by a tomato and cucumber salad. To snack break your hunger with almonds, then at dinner enjoy a sea bream baked with boiled potatoes.

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