Mid season? Let’s put on the sweatshirt!

The sweatshirt is the mid-season garment: here are some ideas to wear it with style!

The sweatshirt is one of those garments that in mid-season are really a lifesaver! We normally wear it in a sporty context, but nothing prevents us from wearing it even with a more glamorous look. Here are some ideas to wear it with style in a casual but super cool way!

How to wear the sweatshirt

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How to wear the sweatshirt: with the mini

Especially if the sweatshirt has a hood, if the legs are your strengths you can wear it with the miniskirt, perhaps choosing a contrasting color or, since we are in spring, focusing on white, with which you never go wrong. And if your sweatshirt also has fluorescent details, even better!

how to wear the sweatshirt

How to wear the sweatshirt: with palazzo pants

Palazzo trousers are an extremely glamorous garment, therefore perfect for making a low profile garment like the sweatshirt more sophisticated! Here too, you can choose them in white or light colors, or opt for a brighter color, perhaps in contrast with that of the sweatshirt. Small recommendation: pay attention to the fabric of the sweatshirt, read the label carefully. Thicker than you might think, the fiber is a cotton mixed with polyester, very soft to the touch, but destined to make the dots after a few washes! 100% cotton is better.

how to wear the sweatshirt

How to wear the sweatshirt: in fantasy

The sweatshirt does not necessarily have to be in a solid color, on the contrary, you can also wear it in fantasy. In this case, I recommend that you do not overload the whole with other colors: take one of those of the imagination and maybe play with the accessories to create contrasting shades!

how to wear the sweatshirt

How to wear the sweatshirt: knitted

Knitted, or rather knitted! Your sweatshirt could also be made of knitted knit, and therefore have a vintage and delightfully retro allure. In this case, green light for full skirts, printed fabrics and high-waisted trousers, but also for accessories such as bon ton clutches, headbands and hair bands!

how to wear the sweatshirt

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