Migraine: foods and drinks to avoid like the plague

Migraine: foods and drinks to avoid like the plague

Migraine and foods to give up? Discovering some solutions to follow a regular diet that can guarantee the right well-being

The causes of headaches

Food and migraine: this symptomatology can sometimes cause really severe pain, as the blood vessels dilate and the nerve tissues cause inflammation along the head area. So it is appropriate to always identify what are the signs to recognize this type of pathology, in order to resort to useful remedies to alleviate it. Migraine is a neurological problem, experts explain, who say that the triggering causes can be due to numerous factors such as stress, tension, hormonal imbalances, environmental changes, long exposure to the sun, alcohol consumption and lack of sleep.

Even inadequate nutrition can prove to be the triggering cause of this pathology. For example, skipping meals or eating them at irregular times can cause this disorder. In this regard, there are also foods that could be responsible for this problem. If persistent symptoms occur, you should first consult your doctor in order to determine the real cause of the malaise. After that, you can counteract or prevent symptoms by avoiding some foods that can trigger pain.

So what are the foods not recommended if you suffer from migraine? The first causes of a severe headache are definitely alcohol consumption and sleep disturbances. This is a very important aspect that is often underestimated and can pose serious health risks. After that, it is advisable to moderate the consumption of caffeine, which is also responsible for migraines or severe headaches. The latter contains exciting substances and can cause brain damage or cardiovascular disorders.

The same goes for chocolate, so even the sweet tooth should limit the quantity. Therefore an excessive consumption of alcohol, coffee or chocolate combined with stress and sleep disturbances, in addition to triggering the symptoms related to migraine, could give rise to various types of inflammation such as gastrointestinal problems, as well as hormonal imbalances and liver complications. Therefore, preferring a healthy diet will help to enjoy excellent health and reduce headaches.

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