Milan Fashion Week, the images that (still) cause discussion

Milan Fashion Week, the images that (still) cause discussion

Milan Fashion Week is back and the controversy over the excessive thinness of models is back. “There is still a lot of work to do”

Milan Fashion Week: spring 2022 in full color

Milan Fashion Week is back from 21 to 27 September 2021, presenting the spring summer 2022 collections of the most important designers. And the whole corollary of appointments, events, evenings, the presence of international guests, stars, bloggers, influencers is back. Milan is colored with fashion and beauty and attracts the attention of the whole world. But like every year, along with the glamorous and worldly part, the controversies arrive on time. Because despite the awareness and campaigns carried out in recent years, many stylists continue to hire and show very thin models, bordering on the pathological, unleashing the wrath of those who have been fighting at the forefront for some time against these wrong ideals of beauty. , underlining among other things the hypocrisy of those who verbally support the same cause and then sit in the front row, during these fashion shows, to applaud these models.

Elisa D’Ospina, a curvy model who has always been at the forefront of positive body and inclusiveness in the fashion business, after having promoted a petition on last year “No more underweight models on the catwalk” returns to post in these days, on his Instagram profile a series of photos of the latest fashion shows, protagonists of models but also men models and he writes:

Before there were only women on the catwalk, very thin and sad, today also men. Who knows why fashion still insists on having this image. We have collected tens of thousands of signatures that are still there waiting for someone to talk to us where we asked to make sure that the models used in fashion weeks are not excessively underweight.
Fortunately, something has changed over the years, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Very very much.

Lucarelli also posted images of the recent Blumarine show on social media, underlining the “recidivism” but also the hypocrisy of the fashion world: “The usual schizophrenia of the fashion world that” just skinny models “. (Blumarine fashion show) Note that the same magazine directors who make specials on body positivity and anorexia are there in the front row to applaud and post these stories as well “

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