Miley Cyrus "child" of Conte. Twitter hit and reply


Miley Cyrus calls, Conte answers. The hit and reply on Twitter between the singer and the premier drives everyone crazy

Miley Cyrus, each cut becomes iconic. The incredible changes of look

Miley Cyrus appeals to the Italian government on Twitter, and Conte promptly replies to her. So much so that he deserves his "thank you" (written just like that, in Italian) and a myriad of comments on social media, where they began to define the pop star as a "baby of Conte" and have ironized that it really can happen on the web. all. Even that a prime minister responds to the celeb on duty.

It all started when Miley, like many of her colleagues engaged in the front line in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, published this tweet:

Italy and the world united in solidarity with Black Lives Matter in the United States. We must remain united to deal with # COVID19 and its disproportionate impact on marginalized communities, especially those of color. Please join us, PM @GiuseppeConteIT? #GlobalGoalUnite

Shortly after, Conte's reply arrived:

Italy has been at the forefront of the fight against # COVID19 and is committed to the ACT Accelerator to guarantee fair and universal access to vaccines and treatments. International cooperation and solidarity are fundamental to success. Together we can do it, Miley #GlobalGoalUnite

At that point, Miley counter-replied:

Thanks so much ! Pending new funding commitments on June 27, access to treatments and vaccines was needed for everyone, everywhere.

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