Miley Cyrus' 'mom': "Where did I go wrong?"

Miley Cyrus' 'mom': "Where did I go wrong?"

The transformation of Miley Cyrus

She is no longer the sweet Disney heroine for quite a while, but after this latest release, the image of Miley Cyrus is on the verge of trash. To indict her is the questionable performance at the MTV Video Music Awards that left those present, the viewers astonished and induced Anna Wintour, fearsome editor of Vogue America, to review her choices by denying her the cover of the fashion Bible. The ex-sweet Miley also managed to horrify her TV 'mom', the legendary Blue Lagoon protagonist, Brooke Shields.

This curtain has advocated a not indifferent cataclysm, considering this last step which will also lead to economic consequences for Miley, a twenty year old who in that ballet considered vulgar rather than rough was tested in a thrilling twerk session. For the feeling of being tuned to a show that failed more than for the sensuality of the show.

Miley, remember, came out of a giant teddy bear, spanking with a body with an embroidered teddy bear that had nothing tender and reassuring. Once the stage dress was removed, Miley had remained in flesh-colored underpants and bra, thus abandoning a more hard ballet with her stage mate Robin Thicke. First he wore a rubber hand with proportionate dimensions, then to give that extra touch of class, he mimicked intimate caresses.

The scene was not appreciated, as we said above, by authoritative commentators and colleagues (not really big boys) and by the American parents' associations. Brooke Shields, who played mom in Hannah Montana, called it a desperate performance: "I was Hannah Montana's mom. I don't approve. Where did I go wrong?", Ironized (but not much) Brooke who raised the dose : "I would like to know who advises you, and why you think it is necessary for you to do so. Our children cannot look at such things."

Another Disney girl, as happened for Britney Spears (overweight and with cellulite, like any woman), destined to get lost and to play on a strategy that dirties the clean image built ad hoc?

The risk that Miley, in an attempt to emancipate herself from the role of a good fairy, abuse of studs, ballets and fake manone is concrete. And it may not benefit your image or your wallet.

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