Milly Carlucci: the Masked Singer, TV and private life

Milly Carlucci: the Masked Singer, TV and private life

A few days after the debut of the second season of "Il Cantante Mascherato", Milly Carlucci talks about herself in the round

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Milly Carlucci is ready to return to our screens, with the second season of Il Cantante Mascherato: she, last year, had strongly wanted to bring the show on Rai1, decreeing its success. Now it is preparing for a new amazing edition, full of news. And in recounting her television commitments, the presenter reveals some details about her private life.

In a long interview with Corriere della Sera, the splendid Milly Carlucci, fresh from the success of Dancing with the Stars, returns to talk about Il Cantante Mascherato, which will debut next January 29 in prime time. Unlike last season, this year there will be 9 competitors ready to test themselves, well hidden by the very nice masks featured in the show. Apparently, many have accepted the challenge: “All leading names” – revealed the presenter – “I am amazed to see how much appeal such a particular program has on colleagues in the entertainment world. I think it depends on the desire to feel free, protected by the mask ”.

A desire that unites many famous people: "Sometimes one is also a bit prisoner of one's image, of one's character". But Milly is very honest in revealing that she never needed to get rid of a figure that doesn't represent her: “I do a job where I really bring myself on stage. Then, of course, I'm not going to tell people about my problems, my pains ”.

Always very reserved about what happens behind the scenes of her life, for Carlucci the line between private and public has never been so clear: "If you want to keep your privacy, like me and as my family asks me, you must make some sacrifices. Or rather, to live in a certain way ". This is why, having to choose a mask, she would see herself as a little sheep, a little butterfly, a little tiger: "There are times when you need to be assertive".

Returning to her show, Milly is ready to reveal some other curiosities about the second season of Il Cantante Mascherato. In addition to confirming the lack of Guillermo Mariotto in the jury, the presenter spoke of Costantino Della Gherardesca, who could be one of the new jurors: "The contracts have not yet been signed, but certainly he, with his disguises, was a kind of wonderful singer masked ahead of time ”.

Unfortunately, as has been rumored for months, the show will have to do without the audience: “We will use a magic formula that will make the theater seem full. It's nice to make the audience feel applauding ”. However, that won't stop Milly Carlucci. She will be the real star of Il Cantante Mascherato, with her incredible verve and her amazing clothes. In this regard, a long-awaited confirmation arrives: "I will dare more, I will have a very extravagant, really strange look. Ours is a game of disguise ".

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