Mindfulness meditation, a practice whose benefits would last six months!

Mindfulness meditation, a practice whose benefits would last six months!

To combat stress and anxiety, some people regularly practice mindfulness meditation. A practice which, according to the results of a recent English study, could have benefits for six months.

The negative impact of chronic stress on health no longer needs to be demonstrated. To combat these effects, it may be advisable to practice mindfulness meditation. A practice with many benefits that, it seems, would last over time.

What is mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is a practice to fight against stress and anxiety, by reconnecting to the present moment. By focusing on the present moment, this parenthesis allows you to better let go of your emotions and thoughts, being aware of what is happening around you. But also inside oneself, by concentrating on one’s breathing, for example.

Mindfulness meditation sessions against stress

Researchers from the University of Cambridge, UK, looked at mindfulness meditation and its effects on health. For this work, the experts brought together 2,371 adults whose average age was 34 years. All of these participants underwent mindfulness meditation sessions and half of the group extended the experience, with sessions once or twice a week for two months.

Benefits that last at least six months

At the end of this study, the researchers were surprised to find that the benefits of this practice lasted over time, the stress measures being lower, in the subjects who had followed these sessions. On average, the scientists estimate, the participants improved their condition for six months, regardless of their age, gender or socio-professional category.