Miniskirt, up to what age to wear it

Miniskirt, up to what age to wear it

The short skirt is not a garment to wear at all ages. But the debate is open and the solution is far from being reached

Irresistible miniskirt: everyone wants to wear it

A Milanese dialect reads: suca and melun a la sua stagiun (pumpkin and melon in their season), or "everything in its time". Even some items of clothing should have their time and evaporate from the wardrobe once the expiry date has arrived. First of all the miniskirt. Some say that the right age to give it to younger sisters or granddaughters is 30, someone more magnanimous within the 40. But London, the capital of trends, from the pages of the Observer, launches a new rule that will make the happiness of the scosciate agé: miniskirt cleared at every age.

Miniskirt all my life, but not without any rules, let's dwell. The tabloid suggests after 30 to stand with your hands at your sides and check that the hem goes down beyond your nails. After the 40 the trick is to bend over to pick something up and see if the skirt reveals cellulite. If so, it is advisable to extend it or get rid of it. Women for their part are divided between the party of "scosciate per semper" and that of "everything in its time". "There are women over 40 who beat some 20-year-olds," we read in a forum. Yes, it is possible, but we are talking about the physical, not the freshness of the face. «I would love to wear a miniskirt with calf leggings and dancers, but I am 44 years old and I would do" behind high school, in front of the museum ", a young lady criticize herself. And how not to define wise the words of another Internet user, who writes: «I do not want to look like the one who is a little girl at all costs. It takes class, at any age, and you don't risk falling into ridicule ".

Needless to take the women of the show, who belong to another world, as an example. It is enough to see characters like Alba Parietti and Lory Del Santo, born television talking 30 years ago in a miniskirt and still scruffy. One thing is to pose for the photo shoots (with the help of Photoshop) or in front of the cameras (with the help of filters and the right lights), one thing is to run around the street, go to the office, to the bank, to do the spending.

The miniskirt does not give to all: there is no doubt about this. Take a look at our famous minigonnate gallery to confirm it: it's not good for the 27-year-old Britney Spears, with her gambotte as a footballer, as she is not doing well with the very short 25-year-old Amy Winehouse, with her stick-like legs. A man speaks: "I believe that at any age there is a style of its own, the 20 year old is fine with the mini, the 40 year old with the longuette". She gives him a gift: «The miniskirt has always been a symbol of femininity and sensuality … What does age have to do with it? We must always remain young inside ». Inside, indeed.

The advice we quote, and that we like best, is that of Glenn O ’Brien, a lecturer in fashion and style, who from the pages of Vanity Fair suggests:« Is a static and immutable style not that great? You will not want to be one of those sad creatures who remain desperately clinging to adolescence even when they are in their forties! ». He calls it "the eternal teenager syndrome". Are you suffering from it? Heal yourself, you can heal yourself.

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