Miriam Leone, her magnetic look witch Instagram

Miriam Leone, her magnetic look witch Instagram

Miriam Leone shares a photo of her on Instagram that leaves everyone speechless: she is simply beautiful

Miriam Leone, on Instagram between bikinis, boat trips and enchanting photos

Miriam Leone once again leaves her fans on Instagram breathless. The former Miss Italy shared a selfie that portrays her in the foreground and her magnetic gaze certainly does not leave indifferent.

Miriam Leone literally bewitches her followers with a new photo on Instagram taken in an elegant white marble bathroom. In the foreground, her green eyes, expertly made up with a shimmering gold eyeshadow that make her gaze deep and penetrating. The thick eyebrows do not go unnoticed. Months ago they had sparked a heated debate with the usual sterile criticisms, but the beautiful Miriam did not allow herself to be scratched and continues to successfully propose them again, making them a real beauty trend.

The lips, defined by a neutral lipstick, as soon as they are opened are highly sensual, the complexion looks like silk, in short, the Lion is simply irresistible. And last but not least, the pose wisely and with refinement enhances the décolleté that can be glimpsed from the neckline of what could be an elegant black top with thin rhinestone straps.

The compliments for such beauty are not long in coming. On Miriam Leone's Instagram page, many rush to comment and the most used adjective is the absolute superlative "beautiful". But it is her gaze that does not go unnoticed: "The most beautiful and deepest eyes I have ever known … ❤️". "There is no day, place and space where it doesn't shine ✨ Wonderful". There are those who grasp a veil of sadness: "Always beautiful .. my sad eyes ..?".

Miriam's beauty is so breathtaking that the comparison with the others fails: “Okay! All the others may well stay at home ”. And finally, there are those who just can not help but remain silent: "I no longer know how to comment … without words❤".

Miriam Leone

Miriam Leone – Source: Instagram

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