Miriam Leone witch Roberto Bolle and without makeup she is gorgeous

Miriam Leone

Miriam Leone on Instagram shows herself without make-up and witch Roberto Bolle in "Danza con me"

Miriam Leone, on Instagram between bikinis, movies, TV and enchanting photos

Miriam Leone witch Roberto Bolle and without makeup on Instagram is gorgeous. The actress and former Miss Italy is among the protagonists of Danza con me, the New Year's show created by the dancer, much awaited by the public. According to the first advances, revealed on social media by Bolle, Miriam will test herself on stage, presenting the program with Francesco Montanari and Stefano Fresi, but also dancing and singing.

Beautiful and talented, the Lion was strongly desired by Roberto, as he himself told on Instagram, posting some unpublished shots that portray them together on stage. "She was already my guest in the first edition of Dance with me – he wrote -, but I really couldn't wait for her to come back! I am delighted that the splendid Miriam Leone will also illuminate this fourth edition of Danza con me ”. Miriam immediately replied: “Roberto, how nice to dance with you! – he said enthusiastically – I can't wait for the public to see, once again, the wonders you can offer, my privilege to have been able to support you once again ".

In the program there will be many guests, including Vasco Rossi, who will present the new single, and Michelle Hunziker. While waiting to see her at Dance with me, Miriam Leone allows herself a little relaxation. On Instagram, the actress posted a photo in which she is without makeup, revealing all her natural beauty. The actress, who we will soon see as Eva Kant in Diabolik by the Manetti Bros, couldn't be happier. Her career proceeds at full speed, between important roles and successful films, while love has also arrived in her life. The Leone is in fact linked to Paolo Carullo, a financial manager of whom he rarely speaks.

Some time ago the wedding was also hypothesized, then denied by the Lion who, however, had confirmed that she was in love. “I received an avalanche of phone calls from people offended because they had not been invited or informed – he explained -. In particular, our aunts in Sicily were upset: they have been keeping my trousseau ready for years. Sorry to disappoint, no wedding. But I confirm that the person is there ".

Miriam Leone without makeup

Miriam Leone post on Instagram

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