Miriam, the sweet words for her husband Spinazzola: "You are strong my love"

Miriam Sette

Miriam Sette wrote a long and very sweet dedication on Instagram to her husband Leonardo Spinazzola, after the injury at the 2020 European Championships

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Behind a great champion there is a great woman and Miriam Sette is the clear demonstration of this. Miriam is not only the beautiful wife of Leonardo Spinazzola but also his rock, always ready to support him in joy and above all in the most difficult moments.

The Roma defender and midfielder was involved in the European football championships with the Italian national team, at least until the fateful Friday 2 July. During the Belgium-Italy match, Spinazzola was abruptly injured to the point of lying on the pitch and bursting into desperate tears. The diagnosis was unfortunate: an Achilles tendon injury that will prevent him from continuing his adventure at the 2020 European Championships.

For a champion like Spinazzola, who has shown all his worth and great talent on the pitch, an injury like this is in part a defeat. After months and months of preparation he finds himself forced to give up the dream of lifting the coveted cup but Miriam, his splendid wife, has seized the ball to offer him all her support. The one between the two is a great and intense love and the words that Miriam dedicated to her husband on Instagram are tangible proof:

"How many times have you dreamed, imagined this European … nobody knows … but today the train stops here for you … the famous train driven by you, has stopped … You made us live 20 wonderful and unforgettable days, who knows you you know what you are worth and in these days you have shown it to all of Europe … Now another battle awaits you, but you have already been through it, you are strong, you will overcome it with your head held high with heart and determination, and your smile, your magnificent smile that despite life is putting you to the test a little too often … nothing and nobody will ever take it off your face, Never! And soon you will be back on the pitch to rejoice with your teammates … The last thing but the most important … you made everyone proud but above all our 3-year-old son Mattia is proud and proud of his dad from start to finish … I think that in the face of this there is nothing else to add … After the storm there is always the sun, and we know it well … You are strong my love. Stronger than before ❤️ With you, Always. "

Miriam's message to her husband is truly touching. Knowing him thoroughly, he knows how such an episode can represent a severe blow not only physical, but above all mental. And that's why his words come like a caress in such a difficult moment.

The dedication is even more special due to the presence of little Mattia, the little man of the house who is only 3 years old but is already the number one fan of his father Leonardo. In the photo shared by Miriam you can see the child (strictly from behind) pointing with his tender little finger right at the face of his father, proud and proud to see his hero on the screen.

It is a difficult moment for Leonardo Spinazzola, but he can be considered a very lucky man. He has at his side a woman like Miriam, who loves him immensely and will certainly be able to make him smile again.

Miriam Seven Instagram post

Miriam Seven. the message on Instagram for her husband Leonardo Spinazzola

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