Mistakes not to be made when you shave

Mistakes not to be made when you shave

Nourishing the right way is essential for preserving the beauty of the skin. Discover the mistakes to avoid and the tips for a perfect cleaning

Make-up removal every night is essential, and even more so is knowing the mistakes to avoid when you make-up. In the evening, in fact, it is not only you who need rest, but your skin also needs to breathe and feel free from the foreign substances that have accumulated: not only make-up, but also excess sebum and residues due to pollution of our cities. For a really effective beauty routine, here are the mistakes to avoid.

Give in to haste

It's late, you're tired and you can't wait to relax a bit with your favorite TV series: don't worry, you only need ten minutes to remove make-up in the right way, eliminating all traces of make-up. Your skin will thank you: not only will you avoid waking up the next day with a dull complexion and perhaps with some pimples, but you will delay the appearance of the first signs of aging, favored by a lack of oxygenation and hydration of the epidermis.

A wipe and go

Since when did you try them do you think they are the invention of the century? Of course, make-up remover wipes are comfortable and useful in emergency situations, when you're away from home and you don't have time and a way to remove make-up with care, but remember to choose quality products and not abuse them because they can contain aggressive substances and constantly rubbing them on the skin they can irritate her and make her hypersensitive.

Focus only on the face

If you devote all the right attention to your face, then don't make the mistake of forgetting neck and décolleté: they are parts of the body where the skin is particularly sensitive and tend to show the signs of aging before the others. In addition to carefully removing make-up, never forget to apply a good moisturizing and nourishing cream. In particular, on the neck, massage it with gentle movements from the bottom upwards.

Use scrubs too often

The scrub is useful for eliminating dead cell residues that can make the skin dull, but should be used with caution and not every day. Its action, in fact, would risk affecting the natural defenses of healthy skin and causing irritation and dryness. A scrub a week is recommended, but always to be chosen depending on your skin type. Delicacy is essential even if you have oily skin: a too aggressive treatment could push you to react producing more sebum than normal.

Do not use the right product

The skins are not all the same, as are the products: if you have normal or dry skin, focus on a cleansing oil such as coconut, it is very effective and does not dehydrate the skin. If you have oily skin, choose a specific gel or mousse that purifies the skin and helps regulate sebum production. Micellar water is perfect for sensitive skin, while if your skin is mature do not give up the cuddle of a specific cleansing milk that purifies and nourishes.

Do not remove make-up from eyes

The eyes and the eye area are a particularly sensitive area: treating it with the same product you use for the face is a mistake because it could become irritated. Choose a specific product and apply it gently cleaning the lashes from the top down and also – with the eye open – in the opposite direction. Also remove all the pencil marks on the inner rim of the eye, if necessary using a cotton fiocc.

Do not moisturize the skin

After removing make-up, apply a moisturizing cream with delicate circular movements of the fingertips: it is essential for having a soft and healthy skin and delaying the appearance of wrinkles as much as possible. And now you're ready for your relaxing evening!

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