Miu Miu plays with the elements of the marine world

Miu Miu plays with the elements of the marine world

Miuccia Prada reinterprets marine clothing through the magnifying glass of fashion, and is Miu Miu Maritime for SS 2021.

Sun, sea, light and the desire to be outdoors for a summer that has never been so long-awaited as in this year.
For those who love to show off new and surprising looks, Miuccia Prada has created a collection for summer 2021 that is truly fresh and charming.
Miu Miu Maritime 2021 works on the distinctive elements of a summer classic, the navy style, interprets its colors, emblems and attitudes with a contemporary, unusual and playful twist.

Miu Miu Maritime - ss 2021

Sailor inspiration for Miu Miu Maritime

The password? Freedom.
Freedom to travel, to dream, to be comfortable and to express your own style. Miuccia Prada thus proposes a summer clothing line to discover a spirited fashion, but which never renounces femininity.
The idea comes from classic clothing and the vaguely retro flavor of the Maritime style, to which the typical grace of the brand is added. The result is a line of garments with a unique fit, but which communicates a charm of yesteryear.

Miu Miu Navy

Miuccia Prada plays with a distinctive elements of a summer classic, the marine style

The leitmotif are the stripes, which recall the sailor style and give character to the collection rich in craftsmanship wisely designed to emphasize the “archetypal” character of the seafaring spirit.
Miu Miu Maritima was told through the photos of Johnny Dufort, with an all-female crew immortalized in the iconic Plage de Bon-Secours in Saint Malo, a magical and romantic place where humans can come into close contact with the nature.

Land and sea meet

The Miu Miu crew poses on the concrete ramparts of the Plage de Bon-Secours in Saint Malo

Fresh and charming dresses, where traditionally masculine features, such as the marine collar or wide shoulders, blend with feminine details, such as gently rounded sleeves, lace and bows to create surprising harmonies.
Details borrowed from children's suits and the casual style of the past arouse a sense of carefree and holiday today.
The fabrics are fresh, light: polka dot satin, poplin, denim – in navy blue, white, very pale pink and red.
They are ideal for enjoying summer travels in complete freedom and discovering the adventures that the world has in store for each of us.

Miu Miu - the Maritime collection

Modern charm with a retro flavor

Miu Miu invites us to explore the most classic of summer styles, in a contemporary key, looking at the world from new horizons. "The coast does not mark the end of the earth, but the beginning of surprising news."
It is time to go out and rediscover the beauties of life and nature, to communicate with the outside world and to set sail for new destinations.

Creative direction: M / M (Paris). Talents: Shin Hyeon Yi, Shade, Nina Pronk, Elisa Löhr and Topsy. Photographs: Johnny Dufort. Styling: Fight Volkova.

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