Models of bras: how to choose the right one

Models of bras: how to choose the right one

Bralette and push up, triangle, no underwire, balconette, half cup, bandeau: find out how they are made and if they meet your needs

Do you know how many bra models there are? Many. So many that it's easy to get confused. Considering that even the choice of size is not always easy, that of bras is a real jungle. From which we want to leave safe and sound. That's why we decided to create a guide, listing the main models and explaining what their characteristics are, to whom they donate, how and why you should choose one rather than another.

Choose the bra according to the shape of your breasts, the size of the cup, the width of the chest. Pay attention to the composition of the fabrics, the workmanship, the straps: if they are fixed or adjustable, if they are narrow or wide. Then consider if you want it to lift the breasts, give them more volume, or on the contrary, enhance the shapes in an absolutely natural way. Choose one of lace if you want it to pop out elegantly from a shirt or a low-cut top. One of extra smooth fabric if, on the other hand, it has to "camouflage" under a shirt or a tight dress.

Finally, remember that a good bra must give support but also be comfortable and comfortable, because you will wear it for many hours a day. It must not create irritation in the breast furrow and the straps must not leave painful and unsightly marks on the collarbones: this is especially true for those with very large and consequently heavy breasts. The perfect bra is undoubtedly the one we forget we are wearing, it is so comfortable.


  • Push up bra
  • Non-wired bra
  • Bralette bra
  • Balconette bra
  • Half cup bra
  • Bandeau bra
  • Nursing bra
  • Triangle bra

Push up bra

If you want a screaming neckline, have no doubts: choose him. The push-up bra, thanks to the way it is packaged, is able to give volume to small to medium-sized décolleté. There is the super push-up version, which has a more important padding, capable of enhancing the shapes to the maximum

Remember that the right size does not make the breasts come out of the cups: otherwise, wearing a tight-fitting T-shirt you will certainly notice the defect. The push-up bra is not ideal for those with very large breasts: this type of breast needs more support. And it sure doesn't need to appear bigger than it already is.

Push up bra

Non-wired bra

Are you looking for something extremely comfortable and that guarantees you freedom of movement? The wireless bra is for you. Unlike the push-up, this model does not push up the breasts but supports the décolleté thanks to the cut, the seams and the band placed under the breast: therefore they enhance small and toned breasts. There are sporty models but also elegant and feminine, embellished with lace and embroidery. The feature of the non-wired bra is that it envelops the shapes, guaranteeing support and maximum comfort in a natural way.

Those with small breasts can opt for a lightly structured, super sexy skinny wireless bra in transparent lace. Those who need more support will opt for a model that has lateral support. A tip for those who have very large breasts: if you want a non-wired bra, pay attention to the straps, which must be wide enough for optimal support.

Stefania bra without underwire, Intimissimi (press office photo)

Bralette bra

The bralette is the bra that has become trendy in recent years. We can define it as the bra to show off, as the wearer likes to make it pop out of shirts, t-shirts, cardigans, blazers or a backless dress. This applies to the lace version, while if made of smooth fabric it becomes a real top, loved by young and very young people who combine it with the inevitable high-waisted trousers, whether they are jeans or shorts.

The bralette enhances the shapes in a natural way, unlike the push-up it does not give volume to the breast: in most cases it does not have underwire or padding, which is why it is extremely comfortable to wear. Let's say it's a mix between a bra, a bodice and a top. The bralette bra without underwire and cups will look good on those with small or medium breasts (obviously toned). On the contrary, those with large breasts will opt for a more structured bralette, with underwire and cups.

Lace bralette, Intimissimi (press office photo)

Balconette bra

The balconette bra supports, giving an upward push to the décolleté. Like the push-up bra, the balconette bra also has an underwire in most cases. This is because almost the entire weight of the breast rests on the band placed under the breast: which is why the balconette bra is perfect, in its strapless version, under dresses and tops that leave the back uncovered.

Perfect support is guaranteed provided of course that the size is right and that the cups hug the breast without causing discomfort. The balconette bra is the ideal model for you if you want a support that guarantees a more natural effect, not like a super push up so to speak. We recommend it to those with medium or medium-large breasts.

Tezenis Be The Charge, basic underwear with recycled lace. Padded balcony worn by Giulia De Lellis (photo: Press office)

Half cup bra

It is also called a carioca bra, and the reason is very simple: just think of the Brazilian dancers of the Rio carnival and their skimpy costumes to understand it immediately. The half-cup bra (or underbust) goes to the savings with the fabric: in fact the upper part of the breast remains uncovered, which is why it is particularly suitable to be worn under very low-cut dresses. Equipped with underwire in order to support the breast well, it adapts to small and large sizes (not very large). The half cup bra can also have detachable straps.

Bandeau bra

The bandeau bra is the summer bra par excellence, the one to wear under slip dresses or under a strapless top. In its swimsuit version, it is a must for pear-shaped women. The bandeau bra gives an optical effect that enhances those with narrow waist and shoulders and small breasts: its horizontal shape helps to optically enlarge the bust, thus balancing the figure. Being strapless, the “intimate” bandeau bra is a perfect invisible support under low-cut dresses and tops that leave the back bare. There are versions with and without underwire, with removable padding, slightly padded, in lace or plain. Some have silicone bands inside that provide greater support.

Nursing bra

The nursing bra has the characteristics of a normal (comfortable) bra, but is specially designed for breastfeeding mothers to allow them to do it comfortably, without having to unfasten and reattach the bra. In fact, it has cups that can be opened and closed easily with one hand. The choice of size is more crucial than ever, as breastfeeding breasts are particularly delicate. Buying it at the end of your pregnancy will have a better chance of getting it right. Some midwives recommend buying it after childbirth, when the rising milk changes the size of the breasts. The nursing bra must be comfortable to wear, capable of supporting and made of an elastic fabric that is at the same time comfortable and easy to wash.

Triangle bra

The triangle bra is easy and sexy at the same time. Undoubtedly it is the top model for those with small and firm breasts, and therefore can show it off in its simplest and most sensual versions: in cotton or in stretch lace. Don't worry though: even if you don't have a poor second you can wear the triangle bra that's right for you. Like? Choosing one without underwire but with side flashes that contain the breast. Or opting for a slightly padded model or with a double cup for light support, but which makes the difference. It can also be declined in a sporty version, with double cups and an elastic chest band to ensure that it remains firmly in place even during training. But for the choice of the sports bra we refer you here.

Momonì triangle bra (photo: Press office)

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