Mom, don't ask me to hurry: stay with me and hug me

Slow down mom, stay with me a little longer: other things can wait, I can't

The days start running, the frenzy of everyday life takes us away from those moments that instead we should enjoy in all their uniqueness, like embracing our son.

There is never any time, the alarm sounds and begins to mark our days. We find ourselves setting up a home and getting ready to go to work while we ask our child to get dressed quickly.

But they, our children, are still small men who need time, even for those small gestures that seem immediate to us.

Sometimes losing patience is so easy, but slowing down seems difficult, but if we learn to do it, everything becomes wonderfully magical, to live in two.

The road to walk to reach the school or the supermarket, can turn into a pleasant walk, hand in hand, with our child. Maybe he really needs this and so do we.

There is so much to do, it is true, but the time lost behind the work and chores of everyday life, no one will ever give it back to us. And our children grow, faster than we could imagine.

We go, we run, we do things, even too many and we lose sight of the only thing that really counts: a fleeting and infinite hug to our child.

Because life is known, it has given us a precious gift, that of time, and we cannot fail to exploit it to experience incredible moments and emotions like those that moments together with our son can give us.

It is precisely from them, from our children, that we can take an example and learn to slow down, to savor even those moments where the world seems to stop.

The neighborhood where we live, the scent of a homemade cake and the rays of the sun that light up the happy face of your child that radiates joy, only because he is spending some time with his mother.

Isn't it wonderful? Is not the pure and authentic smile of our child worth more than all work and personal commitments?

How much love there is in sitting on the ground and playing with your children: a lot, too much. Everything else can wait.

So let your children teach you something: learn to stop, to live the moment, to embrace your child and breathe its smell, it will be beautiful.

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