Moms, don't post your children's photos on Facebook

Moms, don't post your children's photos on Facebook

The PM is raising the alarm at the Juvenile Court: the publication and online sharing of photos of their children is dangerous

Are you also among the many mothers who publish your children's photos on Facebook? Be careful, because it can be dangerous. Although the new Scrapbook function (trad. "Album") of the social network seems to improve the current situation is always better than what are the risks. Scrapbook will allow you to group your child's photos into a single album through a tag and will be available soon in the US for iOS and Android in the desktop version. Later it will also be available in other countries. The tag will be invented at will and cannot be used by anyone other than the parents.

"If you choose to tag your child in a photo it will be added to a customizable album," read the official blog. "And the photos you decide to tag can be shared with your friends or friends of your partner." In practice, sharing is more restrictive to guarantee one's own privacy, but the risk of exposing oneself to risky situations does not change. If you really can't do without, change the privacy settings of the photos, so that they are not visible to the entire network but only to your contacts.

"The first call for prudence is banal from the diffusivity of the medium. To publish on the internet the photo of one's children is in itself an act that can potentially reach a number of people, known and not, unquestionably wide, "underlines the prosecutor Valentina Sellaroli of the Turin Juvenile Court. "There is also a second concern that arises from even more frequent criminal conduct. Those of subjects that tag photos of children online and, with more or less advanced photomontage procedures, they draw various kinds of child pornography material, to be marketed and circulated among enthusiasts ”.

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