Mom's most precious advice is kept in my heart

Mom's most precious advice is kept in my heart

Thank you mom for teaching me respect, love and life. Thank you mom for all you are, for all you do

There is nothing more precious than the advice of a mother, the same ones that we almost hated as children and that we misinterpreted as reproaches or as impositions. At the time, for every unsolicited advice dispensed, we snorted and repeated aloud, even a little to hurt her, "When I am a mother I will not be like you".

And instead, we have become just like that teacher of life who loved us with all her strength, even before crossing our eyes. She already knew, while she was protecting us in her womb, that she would be a friend, a counselor, a teacher, our everything.

Growing up, however, we pretended to forget a little of that apparently cumbersome role of hers, but so precious and essential for every aspect of our life. And it took a while for us to understand that in reality, all we wanted was just to look like her.

And so we did it, we collected those precious advice that we rejected so much and we kept them in our hearts. Pearls of wisdom that have made us the women we are today. A priceless treasure that we are ready to pass on to future generations, to our children, and it is to them that we will tell how much strength and tenacity our grandmother, our mother, had. A lighthouse, a guide, a safe harbor.

A mother's advice is all a bit alike because before being parents, they too were daughters. Of course, they change a little, they adapt to the times and to the personality of each of us but they never distort their essence, their pure and authentic meaning.

Like that advice not to accept candies from a stranger, which today makes us smile, but which we have understood how a great truth is actually hidden in that simplistic vision of the statement. Or that teaching on gratitude: our mothers pushed us to always be grateful for what we have and for all that life has in store for us every day.

And for those tears and remorse for things done and said, Mom's advice was always the same: "You don't need to cry about your mistakes, but learn from them to become stronger". They taught us to love the world and life, to respect people and every other living creature. They explained love, disappointment and failures to us and at every closed door we made the strength of their words.

But the greatest teaching came in the darkest moments of our life, those in which the sun no longer seemed to shine and nothing and no one could give us relief. It is there that our mother did not need to use words because we understood it with her mere presence that would have remained there, by our side, until the last breath, even if it had been the end of the world.

Because a mother's love never runs out and she will be the safe haven to return to, always and forever.

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