Monica Bellucci, a life against fierce judgments: from the catwalks to the cinema

Monica Bellucci talks about her past, from the world of fashion and catwalks to an established career as an actress

Alba Parietti and Monica Bellucci, from the nineties to today

Monica Bellucci talks about her past and her struggle against the ferocious judgments that have always accompanied her throughout her career. It was not easy to establish herself as a theater and film actress, when people rely solely on the physical appearance of a woman, which is often the subject of discussion.

Monica Bellucci: the background of the first time at the theater and the criticisms received

Monica Bellucci has decided to tell in an interview the background of her first time in the theater and how she was able to transform the fierce criticisms received against her into choices that led her to where she is now. It took 30 years of career in the world of cinema to accept a position in the theater. In fact, the Italian model and actress plays the protagonist of the show Maria Callas, Letters and memories, a prestigious but very painful commitment.

The show is having a huge success, so much so that from being born as an intimate project started from the Parisian theater Marigny, it has then moved to Spoleto, Greece, Istanbul, New York and London. Despite the love for opera and its Mediterranean charm, Monica Bellucci does not hide her insecurities. He admits that without his long career in film, he would never have made it to accept such an important role in the theater.

“I have a crazy shyness, even if it doesn’t seem like it”, he continues. Interpreting Maria Callas means stepping into the shoes of a beautiful, courageous, revolutionary woman. A woman who made choices far from the mentality of her time and, for this reason, harshly criticized. She got divorced, gave up every project and then rediscovered her femininity by living it to the full.

Against the stereotypes of the femme fatale towards a brilliant career as an actress

“In the beginning I was just someone who came from fashion to cinema. I had a default image, things were expected that I was not yet able to give. I had fierce judgments, but they were right, I had a lot to improve ”. Monica Bellucci reveals how difficult it was to win a respectable career, against the fierce criticism of the media that portrayed her exclusively as a handsome woman, but without particular professional skills.

For a young, novice woman, it is difficult to find the right path. For Monica Bellucci, in fact, cinema seemed an impenetrable terrain full of obstacles. In addition, newspapers and magazines did nothing but enhance her physical appearance and her beauty, to the detriment of her greatest passion: acting.

“I lived the life I chose for myself. In the pros and cons. As a young man I wanted to leave the province. The work allowed me to travel ”. The actress describes her entry into the world of cinema as a coincidence thanks to the interpretation of prestigious roles that have allowed her to win over her audience. An audience made up of people who, in addition to considering her a beautiful woman, consider her a great actress and scholar.

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