Monica Bellucci and Carole Bouquet, a lesson in sensuality against prejudices

Monica Bellucci actress in the round and free from prejudices: because her way of living (and working) is an example for all of us

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"I wanted to kiss Carole Bouquet". Monica Bellucci is not a woman who lets herself go to the middle terms, finally ready to make her debut at the cinema with a new role, that of a woman who loves another woman. In freedom and without fear, as it should be for everyone.

The release of Les Fantasmes has been widely announced through a series of photos that he shared on his Instagram profile and among which also appears the one of the moment before a kiss with Carole Bouquet, co-star of the film by David and Stéphane Foenkinos.

Of his workmate, with whom he shared the set along with six other couples ready to tell the most intimate details of their relationship, he said: “It was just very easy and fun to play intimate scenes with Carole Bouquet. She talks and smiles a lot, but a form of mystery always emanates from her that attracts me terribly ”.

Monica Bellucci thus rediscovers the freedom to feel like a woman, despite the passing time and a few too many wrinkles that are not a defect, but a sign that traces a path made of stumbles and (many) climbs.

Its timeless beauty, studded with many small imperfections and therefore so unattainable, is the pivot on which its success revolves, which does not seem to feel the blows of time that passes. And yes, because Monica Bellucci knows how to reinvent herself and knows how to exploit all the advantages of her time, even those of age.

Life is a journey of no return and a constant race towards the end, but being so free is a lesson for all. To make us understand that it is never too late to get involved, to try a new job or to love whoever we want. Seeking and obtaining freedom is a challenge that we must face with ourselves, to elevate ourselves and not to be trapped by the prejudices that ruin any kind of momentum.

It's all there, in that touched kiss with Carole Bouquet. In that brushing of lips that has not yet happened but is the spark that ignites the heart. Whether it's love, work or anything else, this shot by Monica Bellucci is an example of how important it is to take advantage of that moment before the finish line.

Monica Bellucci the post on Instagram

Monica Bellucci, the post on Instagram

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