Monica Leofreddi on Instagram: "I would like to go back to work, even behind the scenes"

Monica Leofreddi on Instagram: "I would like to go back to work, even behind the scenes"

Away from TV, Monica Leofreddi reveals the will to go back to work, even behind the scenes

Monica Leofreddi on Instagram reveals the desire to return to TV, even behind the scenes, after a long absence. The presenter led successful shows, such as Italia sul 2, from 2002 to 2006, but was her last program Torto or reason? The final verdict, which he drove in 2017.

"I am always waiting for my door to open to go back to work – Monica confessed in a post appeared on Instagram -. I knocked a lot and believe me, I also made phone calls that cost me a lot, I never lost my dignity but I went much further than my pride. You should never have regrets and for this you should not be afraid to ask for help. Compromise has never been my key to opening doors, but we must not stop fighting for this. I receive many certificates of esteem – he added -, but in the end they never materialize. Your support and your affection help me so much to see my professional future in pink again! I have always been behind that door, although often perhaps for some too many, I put my affections first of all. Repentance? Zero! But now … open sesame! ".

Some time ago, interviewed by Blogo, Monica Leofreddi had confided the desire to return to television at the helm of a television container and not only as a commentator or guest (as in Caterina Balivo's Vieni da Me). “I would like to come back with a new program that will allow me to get in touch with people's stories – he revealed -. Then of course it depends on the time slot. And I want to say that among the things I asked in the phone calls I wrote about in the post, there is also that of working behind the scenes. I have no ambition for the video, I really miss my job. Excluding the first few evenings, which are not my daily bread, there are two or three containers of daytime. Settle those two or three … we are many. I know that in this job the wheel turns, it's normal. I don't see malice or persecution of me. I want to believe those who tell me that there are no spaces for me at the moment ”.

Monica Leofreddi's Instagram post

Monica Leofreddi's post – Source: Instagram

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