Monica Vitti turns 89. The professional relationship with Gigi Proietti

Monica Vitti turns 89. The professional relationship with Gigi Proietti

Monica Vitti turns 89 on November 3. With Gigi Proietti he worked in the unforgettable "La Tosca". But also in "Orders are orders"

Monica Vitti, a life in images

Monica Vitti turns 89. In fact, she was born on November 3, 1931 in Rome. For decades she has been away from public life due to a degenerative disease similar to Alzheimer's. So, once again it is a birthday away from the world.

Although absent from the scene since the early nineties, there are many tributes and celebrations for the great actress, now a legend, from exhibitions to film reviews. A special tribute this year came with the TV show of La Tosca, where Monica Vitti starred alongside Gigi Proietti, who passed away at the age of 80 on 2 November.

The film, directed by Luigi Magni in 1973, has become a real cult. freely based on the homonymous drama by Victorien Sardou, revised in an ironic-grotesque key and in the form of a musical comedy, with music by Armando Trovajoli and lyrics of the songs by the director himself, it contains the famous song Nun je da 'retta Roma, sung by Gigi Project and shot at the end by Monica Vitti.

The two had already met in 1972, behind the scenes of Canzonissima, as Pippo Baudo recalls speaking of Proietti: “I had seen him in Alleluja good people. I invited him, he alternated with Monica Vitti: behind these names there is a world ".

Gigi Proietti and Monica Vitti have written together a fundamental page in the history of Italian cinema. Also in 1972 they worked together in the film Orders are Orders, shot between Padua and Treviso, which tells the story of a young wife (Monica Vitti) who moves further and further away from married life following a strange inner voice.

Today Monica Vitti lives retired in her home in Rome, cared for by her husband Roberto Russo, married in 2000. A few years ago Russo, always very reserved about the actress's health conditions, publicly intervened to deny the news of Vitti's hospitalization in a Swiss clinic.

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