Moose Knuckles and Jennifer Meyer for a super fashion collaboration

Moose Knuckles and Jennifer Meyer for a super fashion collaboration

Moose Knuckles X Jennifer Meyer, the new capsule collection of the Candese outwear luxury brand together with the Californian jewelry designer.

Take two luxury brands, one based in Canada the other in California. Add passion as a common factor, but that’s not done yet. Because this “marriage” of creativity and originality brings together the world of Moose Knuckle, a luxury outwear brand, and that of Jennifer Meyer jewelry designer from Los Angeles, to give life to a line with a high fashion rate.

In the capsule the jewels abandon the role of accessory, so much so that the most precious items of the collection are inspired by the creations of the designer herself, such as the adaptation of the iconic gold-plated heart locket.
This Jennifer Meyer signature piece, we had first seen in the movie Spider Man 3 on Jane Watson’s (Kristen Dunst) neck as a gift from her boyfriend Peter Parker (Toby Maguire).
And Spider Man 3 is not the only collaboration with Hollywood. In fact, her collections became famous after Jennifer Aniston wore the leaf pendant on the big screen, a jewel that has become everyone’s dream!

Since then Meyer has no longer had to worry about making her jewelry known, the films themselves have become her most beautiful showcase.
“It was fun to transfer my experience in fine jewelry and the themes of my collections, such as embroidered gems and intertwined symbols of love and luck, everywhere into an outerwear collection,” stressed the Californian designer.

Precious jackets

Moose Knuckles X Jennifer Meyer: the precious world of Moose Knuckle and Jennifer Meyer

Owner of a successful boutique in Los Angeles, she quickly became one of the shopping destinations for VIPs. It is in fact very popular among illustrious customers, so much so that its precious jewels are also on sale at Barneys New York and in the best online e-commerce.

The eighteen pieces of the Moose Knuckles X Jennifer Meyer collection are full of softness and warmth, they will surely make a perfect gift for the holidays, with gold inserts, hand drawings and embroidery everywhere, along with the spirit and irreverent energy of the moose of Moose Knuckles, a brave creature that has no predators in the wild.

Designed to experiment with layers, the capsule of jackets and down jackets, emblem of the Moose Knuckle collections, is a hymn to technology and contemporary femininity.
Protagonists of the collection are the iconic Moose Knuckles velor cropped puffer and the printed silk sweater, featuring hand-drawn diamond artwork inspired by the jewelry line.

The shearling trucker jacket is finished with a nappa insert in the back, while the tight-fitting suit is available in Black, Ivory or Pale Pink velor. The capsule collection is completed by the leather biker jacket with hand-applied crystals.

The iconic cropped puffer in velor by Moose Knuckles

Waiting for the official launch, which already promises to be full of stars from social networks, Meyer poses next to friends Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox and does not give up an ironic and sharp joke: “The best part is that Moose Knuckles trusted a girl from California to design a collection for a mild and cold climate (we all know the cold nights in Los Angeles…) ”.

It is very likely that the West Coast and beyond, will fall in love with the colorful novelties, even if it is not a dream for all budgets, with prices ranging from 270 to 5,121 euros. It will surely be a great wardrobe investment.

Moose Knuckles - maglieria

The printed silk sweater

The garments produced by the Canadian luxury outwear brand are the result of a family legacy of over 100 years of experience in the production of parkas and tailored clothing, of glamorous style outerwear, but capable of withstanding the most adverse weather conditions.
Luxury and product care, research and experimentation that have made the Canadian company a major global player with stores in Soho (New York), London, Chicago, Westchester, Toronto, Boston and in retailers all over the world.

Moose Knuckles - trucker jacket

La trucker jacket in shearling

A collaboration is always a good opportunity to do charitable activities and Moose Knuckeles and Jennifer Meyer, have thought of Baby2Baby, the non-profit organization that provides basic necessities to poor children in the Los Angeles area and in disaster areas around the country.
They will receive a portion of the profits from Moose Knuckles’ direct channels.

Starting November 30, sales! Whether it’s at high altitude, in a snowy New York or for a New Year’s Eve in Saint Moritz, you will always be warm and super cool.

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