More energy with the anti-fatigue menu

55155«It is thought that to counteract fatigue during a stressful period the solution is look for energy in food. In fact, the greater the need to be fresh and efficient, the less we have to feed. By eating a lot, we force the body to work overtime in the digestion phase and clog it with toxins and waste substances “, he explains Sara Ciastellardinutritionist and homeopath in Pisa and Livorno.

The solution? “Lots of small light meals during the week, but above all a day studied ad hoc with an anti-fatigue menu, useful for cleaning the excretory organs and giving the body a boost of energy, filling up with minerals and polyunsaturated fatty acids with an energetic and toning action. The excess of toxins, in fact, slows down the work of the liver and kidneys, therefore it removes vigor and generates fatigue, hindering the synthesis of substances that regulate the sleep cycle, such as melatonin. So, green light to chicory coffee and grapefruit juices, and to foods such as mushrooms, which contain magnesium, kiwis and strawberries, which provide potassium, fish, rich in Omega 3 and calcium, whole grains and all ‘salad, which have iron and zinc ”, says the expert. Here is an example of anti-fatigue day.

The menu suggested by the expert

  • Upon awakening 1 glass of warm water and lemon.
  • Breakfast 1 low-fat white yogurt without sugar with 10 strawberries and 30 g of wholemeal oat flakes + 1 chicory coffee.
  • Snack 1 kiwi + 4 strawberries.
  • Lunch 1 bruschetta of toasted wholemeal bread with mixed mushrooms vegetables + 200 g of marinated anchovies + 1 plate of valerian with lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Snack 1 pink grapefruit smoothie.
  • Dinner 1 sole alla mugnaia + 1 plate of courgettes in a pan with turmeric, fresh mint to taste and 1 teaspoon of raw extra virgin olive oil + 1 slice of rye bread.
  • Before sleep 1 chicory coffee.
  • During the day 2 liters of low mineral content water with a fixed residue of less than 50 mg / l.