Morgan to GF Vip, Alfonso Signorini speaks: "I would have liked it"

Morgan to GF Vip, Alfonso Signorini speaks: "I would have liked it"

Alfonso Signorini clarifies the possible entry of Morgan into the "GF Vip" House

GF Vip 5, the official cast chosen by Alfonso Signorini

Morgan had to enter the House of the GF Vip. To confess it is Alfonso Signorini who, during Casa Chi, revealed that he had contacted Asia Argento's former partner to participate in the reality show. In the end, however, the conductor would change his mind, convinced that Morgan's dialectic would be sacrificed by television times.

“I would have liked to have Morgan at GF Vip – confessed Signorini -. We met, it was a very interesting meeting because in my opinion he is a brilliant artist, I would have liked to have him in the House and I think he would have liked him too, but then I thought that I should limit his dialectic, because he is a river in flood, sacrificing it to television times which, alas, are important and I didn't feel it because it would have been a shame ”.

Morgan is not the only competitor that Signorini would have liked to see in the House of GF Vip. Shortly before the start of the reality show, the host had also contacted Andrea Iannone, former partner of Belen Rodriguez, and Giulio Berruti, well-known actor and boyfriend of Maria Elena Boschi.

Meanwhile, the reality is ready to reserve new surprises. In the thirteenth episode, three new competitors who could change the balance will enter the Cinecittà loft. Tommaso Zorzi is increasingly in crisis, after the quarrel with Francesco Oppini, and hopes that the arrival of other tenants will allow him to better face the challenge of reality TV.

Problems also for Elisabetta Gregoraci who, cornered about her love life, has not yet clarified the situation with Pierpaolo Pretelli. The ex-wife of Briatore, according to some rumors, outside the House would be linked to a man named Stefano, but for now she does not seem willing to talk about it, nor to completely clarify her position towards the former velino of Striscia la Notizia , with which the feeling is now evident.

“Next Monday 3 new competitors will enter the House that we have chosen with a specific purpose: to drop the masks”, said Signorini. Meanwhile, the host has already announced that the show will continue until February. "In December, as the program runs until February, 7-8 more traditional competitors will enter," he said.

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