Morning Five, Federica Panicucci amazing: sides with Belen


Federica Panicucci surpasses herself with the pinstripe suit. And defends Belen Rodriguez from criticism for the clash with the paparazzi

Federica Panicucci closes the first week of Mattino Cinque dedicating the second part of the broadcast to summer gossip, at the center of which obviously is Belen Rodriguez and the end of her encore story with Stefano De Martino.

Once again Panicucci surpasses itself in terms of outfits. After the white dress for the opening of the new season, for the Friday episode she chooses an elegant pinstripe suit, combined with a shiny silk blouse. A truly ultra chic outfit that fits her perfectly, enhancing her statuesque figure.

Federica Panicucci addresses, among the various topics concerning Belen, also her relationship, sometimes conflicted, with the paparazzi. And he takes his side. The Argentine showgirl these days is in the spotlight not only for the flirtation with Antonio Spinalbese who seems to have stolen her heart after the farewell to Stefano De Martino, but for having argued in a very heated way with the paparazzi who were following her at the exit of the Santiago school.

Since Belen has already clashed with the paparazzi who continually besiege it on other occasions, the story of Alan Fiordelmondo, a well-known celebrity photographer, about the recent event has sparked the interest of gossip.

The Belen-paparazzi issue was also discussed in Mattino Cinque where Morena Zapparoli criticized the behavior of the showgirl, suggesting that she should not run away in front of the photographers, also because the opposite effect is obtained from the desired one, that is, one is chased with greater insistence. . Panicucci, however, does not totally agree with Funari's wife and takes the field in defense of Belen, justifying her outburst: "In a moment of nervousness, she can be there, I know her is a very sweet girl".

Not only is the beautiful Federica on Belen's side also as regards her summer love stories. When Maurizio Sorge hypothesizes an interest of a different kind from the love one behind the flirtation with Gianmaria Antinolfi, Panicucci dissociates.

Meanwhile, the first week of the new season of Mattino Cinque is over and the success of the show is confirmed. But also of the amazing Federica Panicucci who enchanted with splendid outfits and with her sympathy and skill.

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