Morning Five, Federica Panicucci breaks the silence: "Dialogue with Mediaset"

Morning Five, Federica Panicucci breaks the silence: "Dialogue with Mediaset"

Federica Panicucci talks about her future in Mattino Cinque and reveals that she has spoken with Mediaset executives

Federica Panicucci breaks the silence on Mattino Cinque after weeks of absence from the show, revealing that she is in contact with Mediaset. As is well known, the company has decided to block the broadcasting of various programs, from CR4 – La Repubblica delle Donne, to Domenica Live, to Avanti another and Men and Women (which is back with a new formula created by De Filippi).

Mattino Cinque has not been suspended, but transformed, leaving more space for information. Federica Panicucci stayed at home giving way to Francesco Vecchi who has been at the helm of the morning show since 16 March. Many wondered when the presenter would return to the helm of the program. Some rumors have even made one think of a replacement of Panicucci with Adriana Volpe and Michele Cucuzza, but she never replied.

In these hours, however, Federica has decided to break the silence, revealing that she is ready to return to Mattino Cinque. During a direct Instagram with Mario Adinolfi, the presenter made it known that she had spoken with Mediaset executives. "I hope to return soon as the situation normalizes – he confessed -. Mattino 5 will also switch from the special coronavirus version to the traditional formula. I am expecting to return as soon as possible. "

"We are in dialogue with the company and the information task at this time is important – Panicucci confessed -. The Italians now, rightly, are hungry for news, I really plan to return to the helm of the program soon, there is a need to return to normal that also passes through entertainment. "

Federica is living this period at home with her children Sofia and Mattia, born of love for Mario Fargetta. Together with her also Marco Bacini, the man who gave her smile after the divorce. "My children have been at home since the end of February, because they had been in white week – he explained on Instagram -. In all honesty, there hasn't been a really critical moment yet. At the beginning, perhaps we parents had the fear, it was important to inform us, understand and explain everything to them. Once they assimilated all the information, that they were at home safely, they calmed down, the children are then exceptional, they have a great ability to adapt to situations ".

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