Morning Five, Federica Panicucci: slip on Stefano Coletti and the truth on Elisabetta Gregoraci


Federica Panicucci sheds light on Elisabetta Gregoraci but forgets the name of Stefano Coletti. And Micaela Ottomano denies the flirtation

Federica Panicucci addresses in Mattino Cinque what is the hot topic of the gossip: Elisabetta Gregoraci has a flirt with Stefano Coletti, yes or no? To clarify, he asks for help from one of the best friends of Flavio Briatore's ex, the lawyer Micaela Ottomano.

But when he is formulating the fateful question, the beautiful Federica has a slip of the tongue. He does not remember the name of the subject of the discussion, namely Stefano Coletti. Small gaffe, immediately remedied thanks to the intervention of the studio that suggests the name of Gregoraci's alleged love to the presenter.

The small embarrassment is therefore immediately forgiven, not only because Federica Panicucci is a great professional who knows how to extricate herself from the difficulties of live broadcast, but also because in Mattino Cinque she surpasses herself with an amazing look.

The presenter wears a black velvet top with a wide turquoise skirt, high waist belt and killer heel pumps as only she can wear. The hair is gathered in a very elegant ponytail, the red manicure is perfect and the make-up, as always, enhances the complexion of Panicucci who at 53 (she will celebrate them on 27 October) is devoid of the signs of aging.

But let's go back to the revelations of Micaela Ottomano. When asked if there is any tender between Elisabetta Gregoraci and Stefano Coletti, the lawyer categorically denies, while admitting that the two have known each other for some time, because he is part of the Montecarlo acquaintances. Ottomano then reiterates that when Gregoraci entered the House of GF Vip she was single. A cryptic phrase that leaves the way open for a flirtation with Pierpaolo Pretelli.

Meanwhile, Panicucci also takes the showgirl's defense, stating that Elisabetta is a free, separate woman, and therefore can fall in love with whoever she wants. Also taking the field in support of Gregoraci is her former Briatore ready to defend her from gossip after Arianna David confirmed the love story between Stefano and Gregoraci again in Mattino Cinque.

"The lady in question – explained Briatore – goes on TV, talks to the newspapers and, claiming to be a friend, allows herself to express judgments and opinions about me and my private sphere. All inventions and fantasies. I met the lady in Sardinia many years ago. She has never been my friend and I can say with certainty that she is not my ex-wife either. "

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