Morning or evening? What time to do sports to lose weight


Exercise is a powerful anti-cortisol, the stress hormone that makes you fat: it sends signals to the brain that increase appetite, trigger hunger attacks and the search for high-calorie foods. Follow the doctor’s advice Valeria Galfano, doctor, nutritionist and personal trainer, who explains to you what is the best time of the day to train and how. For a greater fat burning effect.

Do you like running or cycling? Focus on the early hours of the day

L’aerobic activitysuch as brisk walking, light running, but also elliptical or cycling and stationary bikes is recommended in the morning on an empty stomach.

“In these hours of the day it improves the metabolism of fats favoring weight loss,” explains Dr. Galfano. “On an empty stomach, glycogen stores are depleted more quickly and body fat more easily used as an energy source. According to the WHO, it should play approx 3-5 hours of moderate aerobic activity (it is also worth walking) or 2-3 hours at an intense pace, per week ».

Furthermore, if, compatibly with your commitments, you get used to training early in the morning, you trigger not only a healthy habit, but also a virtuous circle with beneficial repercussions on your circadian rhythms (I get up earlier, ergo go to bed early), favoring proper secretion hormonal and reducing stress levels.


Toned muscles and a flat stomach? Work out in the evening

To reshape your shapes, improve tone and muscle strength and burn fat mass, better if you plan the “total body” lesson or the weight room, from the afternoon onwards, after a protein meal.

“Training on an empty stomach, in fact, would trigger a series of metabolic reactions that favor the loss of muscle mass,” explains Dr. Valeria Galfano, as a personal trainer.

«Building your muscles improves the glycemic control because it uses glucose as an energy source by containing blood sugar levels. It is no coincidence that the WHO advises at least 2 sessions of muscle strengthening per week “. And if you want to train at home, our expert has designed a super effective exercise program for us, which you can find at this link.

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