Moss Trend: do you know the latest frontier of green furniture? It is suitable for any style!

Moss Trend ultima frontiere dell

Enchanting and eco-sustainable, what more could you ask for from the style of your home? The Moss Trend is the fashion of the moment in terms of furnishings, but not only: it is the green revolution of recent times! Discover the secrets to making it and the benefits.

How many times have you thought that the daily routine devastates you mentally? And how many times have you noticed that you haven’t spent free time admiring the wonders of nature for a long time? The acceleration and instantaneity of today’s society away from reflection and from observing the surrounding world with tranquility. Today I propose a solution that in a few simple steps will make you feel in a magical place inside your home! The word of the day is: Moss Trend!

Moss Trend last frontiers of eco-sustainability

source: created by Canva

First of all, it should be noted that the Moss Trend it really is the very latest fashion in terms of furniture. Freshness, order and comfort, these are the sensations that inspire those who have decided to make their home a paradise in the midst of four walls. It is possible, through some tricks that I will reveal to you shortly, to recreate details that recall nature in small areas of the house.

In particular we talk about everything related to the green color. From surrounding a mirror in the bathroom with stabilized foliage, to setting up an entire living room wall with moss always with the stabilization technique.

Exactly, what does the term stabilized mean? This indicates the lichen, the protagonist of the furnishing technique, which is subjected to a mix made of water, glycerin and food coloring. In doing so, it maintains its vegetal state by eliminating the sap with this mixture.

This allows the furniture to be maintained with minimal effort, and to make your home unique. Let’s find out its features and how to easily apply maintenance and some tips.

Moss Trend: how to do it in a few quick steps

The question arises spontaneously what needs to be done to cure it and how long it can last in perfect conditions. Humidity is a necessary condition to preserve its integrity. In fact, moisturizing it daily with a little water is the first trick to keep the humidity percentage at around 50%. Furthermore, it is clear that there are rooms where the humidity is sky high, the bathroom is an example. We are talking about a special type of moss, so here is what you need to know about its care and its function: well-being is guaranteed!

Moss Trend new eco-sustainable frontier

source: created by Canva

I have already revealed the first move, namely hydration, but it is not the only one. In fact, even if you can, as shown in the photo, furnish any room and element of your home with moss, it prevents direct sunlight from reaching it.

Being a primitive plant without roots and with unique characteristics, it does not need sunlight, because in nature it colors the hidden wooded parts.

If your dream is to create vertical gardens, just go to specialized shops that are also able to customize your furniture product. Whether you want a modern or classic home, there are no limits to its versatility! Indeed, despite being plants, they need very little care, and can really guarantee benefits. Do you know they last up to 10 years?

Speaking of relaxation and a comfortable environment is not a trivial matter. The most important aspect is not only the minimum care with maximum yield and beauty, but there is more. It is vital that you know that he fights noise pollution because it absorbs noises, it is a source of well-being! That is why it is highly recommended, it not only immerses you in the nature you see less and less, but it is a natural regenerator.

Especially when the daily routine takes away psychic and emotional well-being. It is not important to furnish the whole house with this style, just a wall, a picture, a frame or a simple plan, relaxation is ensured by the acceptance of a healthier lifestyle for you and for the world.

Absolutely eco-sustainable and green, what are you waiting for? Be aware, stabilized moss needs little maintenance, and is the style for it to be quiet and trendy!

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