Mothers attentive to burnout syndrome

Mothers attentive to burnout syndrome

Fatigue, a sense of inadequacy and detachment from children: many women, worn out by family obligations and expectations, experience a syndrome so far associated only with the field of work

When they are small they are adorable but they drive us crazy with their whims and force us to sleepless nights, when they grow up and become teenagers they make us feel like enemies to fight or, at best, to avoid carefully. We wanted them, wanted them, searched for them, they gave us the greatest satisfactions, but what does the children struggle with …

We turn back, think of when – just a few years ago – our life was carefree and light, we could have a drink with friends, go to the cinema, organize dinners at our house. Everything that once seemed normal has become a cyclopic undertaking since "they" arrived. Children are our joy and our suffering, but this second side of the coin is often difficult to admit and even to confess to ourselves.

The culture of the family shared in our society leads us to believe that it is normal for women to take care of their children. The model "working father and mother who cares for children" is hard to die (even when wives are established professionals and earn more than their husbands), so we often find ourselves reproducing the behavior of our mothers, as they are part of a unmodifiable karma.

We take care of the care of children from A to Z, risking to overestimate our energies. When the child cries at night, who knows why, we always hear it first. We invent acrobatic agendas of agendas to be able to take them to swim or to the piano lesson, when we quarrel with the little friend or the friend we are always there to "investigate" to remove from them the sadness. And when is there to reproach them? Who knows why daddy eclipses, preferring more playful and carefree sharing with the brats.

Difficult to admit it, but for us all this is a source of tiredness, stress, bad temper. We can talk about burnout, a technical term used in particular to describe the discomfort experienced by people working in care settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, reception centers.

According to a study conducted in Belgium by the Université Catholique de Louvain, this form of rhinestones – which combines fatigue, a sense of inefficiency and emotional detachment from children – concerns 12% of mothers. This syndrome, found at any work organization, can be associated with all those mothers who, with the "knife in their teeth", often at the price of health, struggle day and night to try to do what they think is right and indispensable for their children , in terms of care, education, presence.

A picture of how exhausting is the life of those who, without sparing themselves, renounce themselves to dedicate themselves body and soul to their families and children, is given by "Tully", the new film with a masterful Charlize Theron that lands in salt in these days. A film to be seen, to reflect on how to take care of others – without creating appropriate vent valves – can have very serious repercussions on one's psycho-physical balance.

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