Mother's Day: 10 creative and original jobs to do together

Mother's Day: 10 creative and original jobs to do together

If creativity is lacking, here are 10 chores to do for Mother's Day, suitable for all ages

Like every year, Mother's Day is coming! If, on the one hand, there are fathers who tremble at the idea of ​​not being able to ask for help from home, in the moment of DIY, it is also true that the chores to do for Mother's Day can prove to be precious, to discover passions and new skills but, above all, to find new ways to spend creative and fun time with your children.

That said, there is no mother in the world who is offended by the idea of ​​a nice breakfast in bed, including cappuccino, sweets, hand-made crafts and a courtesy receipt, under the saucer. So, just to throw it there!

Mother's Day has ancient roots and is celebrated on different dates, depending on the country. The walls also know this, but repetita iuvant, in Italy the date coincides with the second Sunday in May.

Traditionally, the little ones make jobs for Mother's Day in many schools, already from the nursery, and this makes life easier for everyone but, if not, and you were looking for creative ideas for Mother's Day, here are 10 jobs suitable for children of all ages.


  • Some advice before starting
  • Crafts for mothers who love furniture
    • Bed garland
    • Door wreath
  • Crafts for mothers who love fashion
    • Personalized T-shirt
    • Pasta necklace
  • Chores for mothers who love the desk
    • Animal themed pen holder
    • Cover for diary or notebook
  • Chores to do for Mother's Day, proposed by La Zia Vale
    • Aluminum rings
    • Flowered keychain
    • The bookmark leaves
    • The tulip garden

Some advice before starting

  • What matters is the fun, not the success. For this reason, we don't have to substitute for the little ones to make the job a perfect creation. Rather, let us support and help them only in the most delicate steps. The little ones are proud of what they create, if the job is done with the help of the adult, without this replacing him.
  • If at school issues such as sustainability are being addressed, the classic recycling: continuing on this path can represent, for the child himself, the opportunity to consolidate important concepts just learned.
  • A good way to start, if we're short of ideas, is to focus on what mom likes best.
  • As Valeria Loretti reminds us, known on the web as La Zia Vale, creative and creator of workshops for children:

    In carrying out the jobs together, let us remember that the main goal is not to create a work of art, but to have fun. As adults, we can learn from children to live more in the present moment, focusing on what we are doing in a way that is independent from the final result. Play is the freedom to experiment. And if during the activity the children want to change something or add an element, let them do it, let's be cooperative in finding a common solution. We will both come out enriched.

    Crafts for mothers who love furniture

    For mothers always looking for small changes in the house – there is no woman who, at least once a year, does not move the armchair to the opposite side of the room, under the illusion of having "refreshed" the house -, two ideas cute and not too complicated are:

    Bed garland


    • Twine-like thread (colored if possible)
    • Scissors
    • Wall adhesive tape or nails
    • Small clothespins (you can buy them directly decorated, or, for those who like it, you can embellish and color them to your taste, also attaching small decorative elements such as those in felt)
    • Photos (Polaroids would be perfect)
    • Optional: to make the job for mum even more beautiful, you can buy a series of small lights, to be placed around the string.

    Implementation: the procedure is intuitive and very simple, which is why it is a chore for Mother's Day that can be carried out by the whole family. Everyone will be able to make their own contribution, based on their abilities and their age. Once you have determined how many photos you want to use, you decide the length of the string and cut it. The photos will be stopped by the clothespins and the garland will be hung with duct tape or tacks, above the head of the bed. A little tip, to make the job more romantic, is to choose photos that can tell a story, for example by retracing the various stages of the mother's pregnancy.

    Door wreath


    • Colorful paper plate
    • Colored paper cups (those for muffins)
    • Colored paper sheets
    • Scissors
    • Vinyl glue
    • Colors to taste

    Implementation: here the intervention of an adult is required several times. Once the plate has been cut out, so as to use only the outer circle, and the colored sheets have also been cut into small geometric shapes, the next steps can be easily carried out by the little ones. The children, after having turned the cups (as if to emulate the flower corollas), will stick them to the plate, with the vinyl glue. In the cups, or between them, the cut shapes will be glued. In the center of the cup, you can use a golden marker to reproduce the pistils. For the more skilled, stems can also be added, using green stripes and leaves reproduced from cardboard. The creation can be hung on the door with string or it could also be used as a centerpiece.

    Crafts for mothers who love fashion

    For mothers who like to wear something made by little ones, even in this case there are two ideas, both of which can be achieved in a basic or more complex way:

    Personalized T-shirt


    • A white t-shirt
    • Colors of your choice between felt-tip pens or tempera
    • Black pencil or fine-tipped Marker

    Realization: The procedure, which is sure to be fun, is easy and based on the age of the children, it is possible to make customized t-shirts of different kinds. From those with the simple stroke of the palm of the hand, to a real drawing, up to stylized words. The adult can help the child, who is better and more inclined to color than to draw, in the realization of the main features, using a pencil or marker. For older children, a nice additional idea could be to create two or more personalized t-shirts, identical to each other, one for the mother and one for each child, in order to recreate and wear a unique and unique mini-me garment. unrepeatable.

    Pasta necklace


    • Raw pasta
    • Tempera colors
    • Plastic bags, like those from the fridge
    • Baking paper
    • Elastic thread or twine

    Realization: Depending on the age of the children, different necklaces can be created, even with similar precious and very small materials. This proposal, on the other hand, is the simpler version, which also allows the involvement of children, without fear that they can put small elements in their mouths. First, you need to put the chosen paste in the plastic bag, pouring the color to match. After closing the envelope, it is shaken in order to color all its contents. Then, the dough is poured onto the parchment paper and left to dry. You can repeat the process with more colors, for a colorful necklace. Depending on the type of pasta chosen, you can thread the thread inside the holes, as if it were beads, or tie it to the center of the pasta, if you use farfalle or similar shapes. For a more complete effect, if children are able, between one pasta and another, lighter elements, such as small feathers, can be added.

    Chores for mothers who love the desk

    For mothers who work in the office (in this pandemic moment, a chimera), making and giving them chores, to fill the office and desk with color, is a nice option. Here are the two proposals:

    Animal themed pen holder


    • Plastic bottle
    • Scissors
    • Tempera
    • Fine-tipped markers
    • Colored cards

    Implementation: the procedure requires the help of an adult and, overall, it is already a chore for older children. First, you have to cut the plastic bottle, about 12 centimeters from the base. Subsequently, with tempera, the bottle is colored, internally and externally, with the color of the animal to be made. While the tempera dries, the colored cardboard is cut out to make ears, eyes, tail, legs and, after having defined them with markers, they are glued to the bottle by now dry. For a more precise result, you can also buy the small items directly, such as eyes, noses, etc., easily available both online and in stores.

    Cover for diary or notebook


    • Wrapping paper or cloth
    • Colored stones
    • Markers
    • Glue or clear tape
    • Scissors

    Implementation: This Mother's Day job involves a more complex activity, certainly more suitable for primary school children. If you really wanted to involve the little ones, the presence and intervention of the adult would be a must. After choosing the type of material to be used, scraps of fabric or wrapping paper, you need to cut it. First, you must take the measurements of the diary or notebook that you want to cover, then, the material must be cut out so as to advance 1 or 2 cm at the end. The latter are fixed to the diary with glue or our adhesive, depending on the material used. If you use fabric, you can enrich the cover with the addition of a ribbon or buttons, which reflect the colors. If you use wrapping paper, the cover can be enriched with different types of accessories: labels (to print or buy), stickers, small self-adhesive colored stones, cut-out children's drawings, as if for a patchwork effect.

    If these ideas for Mother's Day have not convinced you or are not suitable for the age of your children, here are four more.

    Chores to do for Mother's Day, proposed by La Zia Vale

    Aluminum rings

    "For mothers who prefer sets to bouquets, here is a themed gift idea, at no cost: aluminum rings. I propose two types, one more subtle, the other more showy ".

    Thin Ring Materials:

    • Tinfoil (aluminum) or silver paper for chocolates
    • Colored pasta or beads

    Eye-catching ring material:

    • Tinfoil (aluminum) or silver paper for chocolates
    • Colored paper
    • Colors
    • Scissors
    • Glue

    Realization: For the thin ring, we roll and press the aluminum to create the structure of the record. We insert a couple of beads into the newly created structure (even a little thick pasta with holes in it can be fine). We close the ring to the desired size. For the eye-catching ring, we fold an aluminum rectangle several times to form a band. We draw a “precious stone” on the colored paper and cut it out and then glue it on the created band. We fix the band to the desired size and the ring is ready!

    BONUS: It can also be an excellent activity to offer during a Princess themed party.

    Flowered keychain

    "Here is an alternative idea to celebrate Mother's Day: making a flowery keychain with wool. This job requires a slightly more "advanced" level of dexterity.


    • Colored wool
    • Key ring
    • Scissors
    • Fork

    Implementation: We roll the wool around the fork tines, tie in the center and cut on the sides, to form a pom-pom. We refine the most protruding parts to give it a rounded shape, taking care to leave the two threads used for the central knot long. We repeat for the second pom-pom. We knot three green wool threads, about 20 cm long, to the ring, working them in braid. We add, at a distance of about 2 cm from the ring, one of the pom-poms, inserting the longer threads in the braid. We add the second pom-pom in the same way, 2 cm from the first. We continue with the braid for another 2 cm. We knot the threads and insert one of the 3 ends into a skein of green wool, which we will secure with a knot. We cut the skein at the bottom, adjusting the lengths, and the flowery keychain is ready!

    BONUS: The making of this keychain is a perfect exercise to train fine motor skills. Made with yellow flowers, as in the photo, it can also be an excellent gift idea for Women's Day, recalling the mimosa.

    The bookmark leaves

    “Here is the ideal gift for a mother who loves books and nature: the Bookmark Leaves. In the past, I tried to use real leaves but, over time, as they dried, they tended to crumble. So I thought of making a long lasting version, which could withstand numerous readings. "


    • Cardboard (recovery is also fine)
    • Ice cream sticks
    • Tempera
    • Felt tip pen
    • Scissors
    • Vinyl glue

    Realization: we draw, on the cardboard, some leaves of different species, we color them and we cut them. On each stick, we write the name of one of the chosen plants. We glue each leaf to the corresponding stick.

    BONUS: In addition to making a special gift for their mothers, children will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the different types of leaves, so that they can recognize the plants.

    The tulip garden

    “For mothers who love flowers and also for those who don't really have a green thumb, we can create a tulip garden. No land scattered around the house! It will be sufficient to keep the internal cylinders of the toilet paper rolls to create a lovely flower bed, all with recycled materials ".


    • Minimum 3 internal cylinders of toilet paper rolls
    • Card stock (this can also be salvaged)
    • Yellow (or white to color) paper
    • Tempera
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • Scotch tape

    Realization: we paint and cut our cardboard cylinders to give them the shape of tulips. We cut out the yellow paper for the pistils and apply them to the inside of the tulips with adhesive tape. We join the three tulips together using adhesive tape and take the measurements to make the fence. We cut out the fence from the cardboard and paint it. We fix the fence to the tulips with glue and our garden is ready!

    BONUS: The flowerbed thus created can also be used as a lovely table centerpiece, or, by closing the bottom of the cylinders, chocolates can be inserted inside the flowers, for an even sweeter surprise.

    And here we are at the end. After these 10 jobs to do for Mother's Day, all that remains is one last idea. For a more special 9 May, one could think of a multi-handed breakfast, except those of the birthday girl, of course! The father (or whoever for him) together with the little one or the little ones of the house, could prepare simple sweets, from pancakes to a donut, and bring breakfast in bed to the mother. It is good to know that she will pretend to sleep, therefore it is forbidden to jump on the bed and raise the blinds before 9.30 / 10.00. If you have a garden or terrace with flowers, you could embellish the tray with a flower cut from the vase.

    Last but not least: it is strictly forbidden to forget the anniversary. It could be included among the elements to be charged in a possible divorce case!

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