Mother's Day gift ideas: beauty gifts between € 25 and € 60

Mother's Day gift ideas: beauty gifts between € 25 and € 60

Are you late for Mother's Day? Discover Mother's Day gifts, ideas for every budget from under € 25 to under € 60

There are many beauty-themed Mother's Day gift ideas and, after seeing those under € 20, here is a selection of Amazon Mother's Day gifts ranging from skincare products, DIY manicure kits, facial devices and hair accessories .

A perfect hand cream to moisturize, nourish and erase the signs of aging

The hands, unfortunately, are the first together with the décolleté to show the signs of aging, even before the face. In fact, on the face it is possible to intervene with targeted treatments or even surgery, while for the hands it is more difficult. Also because they are always subjected to stress: sudden changes in temperature, detergents, soaps, alcoholic detergents, water and sun. The skin therefore tends to lose firmness, to no longer be perfectly smooth but above all dark age spots begin to appear.

An excellent hand cream must be applied consistently but, just like you do with the face, the ideal would be to choose a specific product according to your needs. Not only for chapped or particularly dry hands, but also for treating brown spots on the skin. This will prevent the appearance of new spots and lighten the existing ones.

Offer Face D Super Instant Lifting Hand Cream Moisturizing Hand Cream With Lifting Effect Face D Super Instant Lifting Hand Cream Moisturizing Hand Cream With Lifting Effect Face D Super Instant Lifting Hand Cream is a moisturizing hand cream with a lifting effect, which acts immediately but also over time. Contains hyaluronic acid with 3 molecular weights, to act in depth. As soon as it is applied it makes the hands smooth and soft while in 2 months it reduces existing dark spots, lightening them and preventing new ones from coming out, thanks to the creatinine contained within. 23,25 EUR −5% 22,11 EUR Buy on Amazon

A moment of relaxation for an evening beauty pampering that is good for the skin

Most of the beauty rituals we know come from Asia, as well as the facial massages made with special tools, which help to have a more turgid and compact skin but which also offer a moment of pure relaxation. We are talking about the jade or rose quartz roller and the Gua Sha, a stone with a particular shape with which it is possible to massage the face. The roller, thanks also to the cold action given by the material itself, stimulates the lymphatic system and decongests swelling, for example under the eyes.

Gua Sha, on the other hand, firms, lifts and reshapes the contours of the face, certainly immediately, but still represents a tool, together with the jade roller, thanks to which to perform relaxing facial massages, perfect in the evening before going to sleep. or while applying your own beauty treatments.

Offer Plantifique Rose Quartz Massage Set Rose Quartz Roller Kit and Gua Sha Plantifique Rose Quartz Massage Set Rose Quartz Roller Kit and Gua Sha The Plantifique Rose Quartz Massage Set Kit contains a double rose quartz roller, with one end for massaging the face and a smaller one for massaging the eye contour. Perfect for decongesting the area and promoting circulation, the kit is also accompanied by Gua Sha, a rose quartz tool with a particular shape, to massage the face by redefining its contours for a pleasant moment of relaxation. 30,99 EUR −26% 22,99 EUR Buy on Amazon

An accessory for styling at home like at the hairdresser's

There are those who do not pay much attention to these things and those who would like to go to the hairdresser every time they wash their hair, to always have them perfectly in order. There are many tools for styling at home, starting with the classic straightener, with which you can create smooth or wavy folds, or irons of all sizes, for very wavy to curly hair but also to create soft waves.

Then there are a whole series of heating hair dryer brushes, which allow you to dry your hair and at the same time put it in style. You can dry straight, wavy hair, with the tips up or for a volume effect, just like with the classic brush and hairdryer drying, but with a single object. A life-saving tool for those with long but also short hair, because drying time is enough without having to go over the iron or plate again.

Offer Aevo 4 in 1 Hot Air Brush Aevo 4 in 1 Hot Air Brush The 4 in 1 Devo hot air brush is a hair dryer brush that dries hair by styling it, for a result that is always tidy, without having to use a straightener or iron. With 3 different speeds, hot for quick drying, medium for styling and cold air blast for finishing touches. Ionic technology keeps frizz at bay and the ceramic coating best distributes heat. 39,99 EUR −10% 35,99 EUR Buy on Amazon

An intensive face cream or serum, to regain a radiant and healthy complexion

An excellent gift for Mother's Day is an intensive facial treatment, a functional and specific product to treat certain problems. An anti-aging face cream, for example, or a decongestant eye contour for bags and dark circles, if you want to improve this problem. Or, as in the case of hand cream, a serum to reduce dark spots on the face, whether they are small scars or brown spots caused by the sun or the passage of time.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Sérum Èclat Anti-Taches Anti-Stain Serum Caudalie Vinoperfect Sérum Èclat Anti-Taches Anti-Stain Serum The Caudalie Vinoperfect Sérum Èclat Anti-Taches serum is an illuminating anti-stain serum composed of 98% of ingredients of natural origin that prevents and corrects all types of stains: from the sun, age, acne or pregnancy . 95% of women find the spots reduced by using it and 63% notice an improvement of the complexion after finishing the first bottle. 38,30 EUR Buy on Amazon

The perfect gift for hands that are always neat and tidy without going to the beauty center

A Mother's Day gift idea is a kit to do the semi-permanent at home, easy to use, just a little practice. It is ideal for those who never have time to go to the beauty center, for those who don't want to spend too much on manicures, for those who often want to change their nail polish color or for those who love a simple manicure, without too much decoration.

The kits contain everything you need for the application, starting from the lamp to the files, from the preparatory products for the nails to the various colors and top coats. Obviously, in addition to the manicure, you can also make a pedicure, which is why it is an excellent gift for the summer, when the nail polish is more easily damaged, thanks to open shoes, swimming in the sea and walks on the beach.

Méanail Paris Professional Gel Nail Polish Kit Méanail Paris Professional Gel Nail Polish Kit The Méanail Paris Gel Nail Polish Kit contains everything you need to apply semi-permanent nail polish, both on hands and feet. The kit consists of a cuticle pusher, files, a buffer for nail preparation, a LED lamp, a primer, a base and top coat, a nude nail polish for a natural manicure, a degreaser and everything needed to remove it, that is a solvent, cellulose pads and caps to soften the enamel. 49,90 EUR Buy on Amazon

The devices for the face, for the technological mom attentive to trends

For facial care it is essential to start with cleansing, which must be thorough and thorough, whether you have to remove the makeup or after a day away from home. In fact, the skin is always exposed and accumulates dirt, dead cells and pollution, in addition to the residues of creams and sun protection and in addition to the fact that, like it or not, we touch it constantly. For an intense but at the same time delicate daily cleansing, the ideal are face cleaning devices, brushes that exploit vibrations and pulsations, thus carrying out a light exfoliation and a massage to the skin. There are different sizes and for every type of skin, from sensitive to mature or oily and are also offered in travel versions, rechargeable or cheaper, which run out after a certain number of uses.

Offer Foreo Luna Fofo Facial Cleansing Brush Foreo Luna Fofo Facial Cleansing Brush Foreo is a leading brand in the production of facial cleansing devices and offers numerous models suitable for all skin types, needs and wallets. Foreo Luna Fofo is the facial cleansing brush with 8 adjustable pulsation intensities, it is hypoallergenic, with 3 different facial cleansing and massage areas. A single charge lasts up to 300 uses and, in addition, the sensors on the back analyze the skin by tracking the hydration levels, for a highly personalized skincare routine experience based on your skin type. 89.02 EUR −35% 57.89 EUR Buy on Amazon

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