Mother's hugs are never too many

Mother's hugs are never too many

They protect us, they make us feel safe, they give us the strength and energy we need, but they also make us better people. Science confirms this

Mothers are well aware that there is no nicer thing in the world than holding their children in their arms, whatever their age. And even children know it well, even when growing up they pretend they don't want any more or they no longer need those big and comforting arms.

But the truth is that mother's hugs are never too many and above all they are special, as only they can be. They transmit all maternal love to us, they protect us and make us feel safe, they give us the strength and energy we need, but they also make us better people. According to science, in fact, it would be the mother's hugs to make us empathetic and kind.

The research, conducted by the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, of Israel and published in the US scientific journal PNAS, revealed that children who receive constant love from birth through physical contact with the mother, with hugs, caresses and affectionate gestures, develop a natural ability. to be more empathetic and kind once they become adults.

The biggest and most important impact would occur in the first days of life. The closer and more constant the physical contact is, the more children are able to develop that particular ability to get in touch with the emotions of others through a sensitivity that does not belong to everyone.

The study was conducted on a sample of 96 children. The researchers followed their growth phases from birth up to the age of 20 to reach the conclusions we have listed above. The impact of consolidated maternal contact over time is therefore decisive in the character development of the little ones.

According to the researchers, it is precisely thanks to that affection manifested physically that children begin to tune into another person, in this case the mother, thus developing those abilities that allow them to perceive the emotions of others. Through this natural and non-verbal approach, between mother and child, children learn to recognize the communication signals that they will then find in social interactions when they grow up, then developing positivity, reciprocity and shared commitment.

The gentle revolution, therefore, passes through the hugs of a mother who, now it is certain, are never enough.

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