Mothers in shape after giving birth: 5 exercises to give energy to the body

Mothers in shape after giving birth: 5 exercises to give energy to the body

After giving birth, every mother feels the need to get in touch with her body, finding the form of the past: here are 5 exercises to regain energy

After giving birth, a beautiful period begins, but also very tiring in the life of a woman, so it is important to devote yourself to some very useful exercises to give energy to your body. The thing to keep in mind is that it is necessary to give proper time to your body to recover from childbirth and plan a gradual recovery of physical activity, which must be light and tailored to your possibilities.

To walk

Walking is the perfect activity to regain muscle tone and restart your metabolism: it is important, however, not to overdo it, especially in the first weeks after giving birth, so it is advisable not to exceed 30 minutes a day. There are so many women who decide to dedicate themselves to this activity together with their child, pushing the wheelchair: it is the ideal combination to treat the body and the mind, spending moments of family serenity.


Squats are exercises that can be done easily in the privacy of your own home, all you need is a chair. The exercise consists of getting up and sitting down from the chair keeping the legs slightly apart and the back straight, contracting the abdominal and lumbar muscles: in this way all the muscles of the legs and buttocks are worked. To start, you should not exceed your efforts too much, so it is advisable to carry out three sets of 10 squats each with a rest interval of at least two minutes.


There is another fantastic exercise to get back in shape after giving birth, rediscovering the energy of always: plank. Indicated for firming the abdomen, it is not an easy exercise because it consists of sustaining itself only with hands and feet for several minutes without stopping. By maintaining this position, the various muscles are activated, making the body more toned.

Yoga exercises

Yoga is a very relaxing type of activity, which can be performed individually or together with your child, and helps to regain energy and concentration. There are so many new mothers who dedicate themselves to this discipline after giving birth, developing their muscle tone and training their mind, removing daily stress.

The bridge

The bridge, in addition to strengthening the abdominal wall, also makes the pelvic floor muscles work. To perform this exercise you have to lie on your back, with your knees bent and your feet spaced to the width of your pelvis. Exhaling slowly, proceed by raising the pelvis to a straight line from the knee to the chest. The abdominals and buttocks are tightened and, breathing in, the pelvis is returned to the ground.

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