Motion sickness, what to do in case of car sickness

This episode of "Daily Health Pills" gives us the five golden rules to avoid getting sick while traveling

Motion sickness is the scientific term used to indicate car sickness, seasickness and air sickness. It is a set of disorders that is linked to movement.

Causes and remedies

Normally the position of the body in space is regulated by the labyrinth, a small organ located in the ear. In those who suffer from car sickness, the labyrinth is excessively stimulated by the constant change in the position of the vehicle, while the eyes are not affected by this situation. This creates a sort of discrepancy in the signals that define the position in space.

Result? We have an imbalance in the sensations arriving at the brain which responds by releasing substances such as adrenaline and vasopressin which are responsible for the feeling of nausea. In children the problem arises in an accentuated way because they have a more sensitive control system.

In the car, it is therefore necessary to pay attention to stale air and excess food. Before leaving, if the journey is long, it is advisable to have a small snack with dry foods. And once you leave, it is better to avoid filling the stomach with liquids, in particular it is better to avoid carbonated drinks. In adults, no cigarettes, alcohol and coffee.

The five rules

Finally, here are five simple rules for taking a smooth trip:

  • we make frequent stops
  • we let the little ones eat before departure
  • bring snacks, such as crackers and dry biscuits
  • if possible, travel early in the morning or at night
  • do not let children read in the car
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